Sentinel Vision SafeScout Security phone Camera

Now this is a great accessory to have it is a gadget that we love to bits, this is a SafeScout security camera from Sentinel Vison that actually sends images, audio and text alerts to your mobile phone. All you need to do is place the intelligent monitor (SafeScout) at your work place or home or in fact anywhere you desire and just plug the cable in which is like your normal telephone cable then you register online or directly to Sentinel Vision Customer Service Agent, when you register you will then be asked who will receive notifications of events.

So think about it — Someone is trying to break in and you are not there to do anything about it — WRONG — the security camera will pick up anybody within the proximity and will alert you on your phone either with images and messages, the camera also blasts out a high pitch audible sound that will deter your mischievous person/s.

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