Iljin Display Announces Mobile Phone Projectors

This is what we call a revolution, a company in South Korea has developed a small laser video projector module that is small enough to fit into a mobile phones. This means that you can project video images and photos onto a wall which will give you a seven inch full colour screen, Iljin Display says that they hope to have about 5 percent of all mobile phones fitted with video projectors by 2010, that is about 60 million handsets.

They hope to have the projector in our mobile phones from next April of 2007, the company is already co-operating with major names such as Samsung and LG and we can see that market growing to other big named companies.

We know that it will be a good idea because they have invested about 157 million US dollars so far, so as you can see they are serious enough that it will work and so do we. Roll on April oh yes. Even we are getting excited, imagine that you have the projector on your phone then imagine you have GPRS on your phone can you see where we are going, yes that’s right you can project an image of the navigation system of your route.

Do you love this idea? Or do you think it’s a flash in the pan idea? Please let us know what you think by posting your comment in the comments box below. Thank You.


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