Motorola Red MOTOSLVR Helps the Global Fund

There is always a glimmer of hope when helping out a cause that really needs our help and what better way to raise awareness and money for The Global Fund, (PRODUCT) RED does this by teaming up with the most of the top name brands and branded products. A percentage of the sale of any (PRODUCT) RED item is given to The Global Fund and the money raised will help women and children with HIV and AIDS in Africa.

As of the 15th May Motorola joined the (PRODUCT) RED and this is where they bring you the red MOTOSLVR, every time you use the red MOTOSLVR 5 percent of every bill, pay as you go and or contract will be generously donated by your network to help AIDS in Africa.

The new red MOTOSLVR is a nice looking mobile phone that is very slim and very light as well; it has a built in MP3 player and a superb camera to take amazing pictures. The Motorola phone also has a Push to Talk feature (PTT) that allows you to connect with ease.

This is a multimedia phone with a difference with 512MB of TrandFlash expandable memory.

Motorola will donate £5 for every one of these phones purchased plus Carphone Warehouse will help as well by donating £5 to the cause.

Please help awareness and raise money for The Global Fund to help prevent HIV and AIDS in Africa.

Buy the Red MOTOSLVR here.

To find out more please visit Join Red & The Global Fund.


2 thoughts on “Motorola Red MOTOSLVR Helps the Global Fund”

  1. Yer Yang says:

    I’m glad that even mobile phones these days are able to help fight aids and hiv. The MotoRED is a beautiful phone and if only it was for sale without no contract, I would be more than happy to buy it. Being able to help innocent people, to me, is always great! Thank You Motorola.

  2. Jacq Collins says:

    Yer Yang, I just got my MotoRED on Pay As You Go through Virgin Mobile – no contract required. This is a great fundraiser and I’m proud to be able to join in – plus, it’s an amazing phone (although I’ll need a weekend to learn how to drive it!)

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