News of the Nokia Podcasting Application for the N91 Phone

You can download podcasts on your Computer and then you can transfer them to your Nokia N91 via Windows Player or even the Nokia PC Suite plus you can even download podcasts directly to your Nokia N91 and you don’t have to use the computer which is very good and quick.

You can now subscribe to and then download podcasts over the air with the Nokia N91 which then allows you to listen and watch when you feel like it, you get a choice of Wireless LAN which requires WLAN network access or GPRS, WCDMA data which requires a packet data plan to download podcasts to your Nokia N91 these are great choices for the podcasting application to work.

You must remember thou that download a podcast may use large amounts of data through you service provider’s network.
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For installation details of the Nokia podcasting application for the N91 please visit here — via Nokia

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