News on the Nokia Open Concept Mobile Phone that will get many Fans

This is a stunning concept and hopefully in the word concept they actually change it to reality because this is a phone that I would defiantly have in my collection come on its stunning. New ideas and brain wave designs are always going to be a key factor in producing major mobile phone models to the market and this should get onto the production table straight away my friends.

So you have the flip phone then you have the slider phone and what about the rotation phones well now this concept idea is of kind of a pull out style, lets put it into easy English speaking words, you know of the Japanese fans that they open and wave in front of them generating wind to cool them down well that is basically what this is all about.

The screen on this Nokia Open concept has a scrollable screen and yes just press a button and the thing comes to life it opens up the scrollable screen which is very thin indeed, and also buttons and menu options appear in where you mess around with it.

The designer called Hugo Danti should make this a reality and work on nothing else but than to get this on the production line, hey Hugo stop what you are doing, sit down and get it going.

Information via SciFi Tech


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