Announcing The New Samsung SCH B570 Phone

Samsung have just unveiled their new phone so we thought at Phones Review we would show it to you, the new phone from Samsung is called the SCH-B570 and boy what a phone, sorry about this but I am excited and overjoyed and let me tell you why. The main feature about this phone does excite me and that is ready for it — 8GB memory (yes we know Nokia had 8GB of memory but come on that phone is old news and now I have used it well it is a brick) but this phone looks good.

8GB of memory that means you can store 1000’s and 1000’s of music tracks save all your data that you need on here, pictures or store videos and then some more. This phone also has PMP functions and a sexy 3D stereo sound with the possibility to connect a 5.1 system.

You also get DMB, GPS and PIP which means Picture in Picture; you also get a 2 megapixel camera and much more. Now comes the sad part — it looks like only the Koreans are going to get this phone (angered) so what we must do is get as many people together and demand we want this phone across the globe.

Would you like to see this mobile phone all over the world? If so please have your say here by posting in all your comments.
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