LG Chocolate Phone tastes nice in Pink and White

Yes everyone gets the point that the LG Chocolate phone or as many knows it as well as the LG KG800 was good and bad, the mobile phone was good because it looks totally stunning and very stylish but then comes the bad as many have said that for the function side of things was totally crap and boring.

Well we do not want to pee you off but hey we like a good or bad response it gets the debates going, some people may jump in the air with excitement or some people will just explode with anger. We should say sorry now but the mobile phone will have the same specs but will sport different colours of white or pink.

So please let us get things straight once and for all, “are you pleased with the release of the pink and white chocolate phone?


25 thoughts on “LG Chocolate Phone tastes nice in Pink and White”

  1. ashlee says:

    i really like this fone n am thinkin bout gettin it n every 1 tht i know tht has got 1 hasnt had a problem with it.it pretty ,stylish n it gets my vote am GOIN 2 GO AND BUY IT NOW

  2. GRACEYX says:

    is it actually any good ive had so many points i cant tell its gorgeous but is it fun ?
    can you change the ringtone dumb question i know but some1 told me you couldnt im so confused!

  3. Emma says:

    i have had my pink LG chocolate for about 6months now and I have to say, yes it looks pretty and its pink!! BUT i really don’t like it. it is a boring phone. I much prefer Sony Software to this. Also battery life is really bad. Oh and the thing keeps turning off on me.

  4. Danielle says:

    Well what im wondering on the pink phone does it
    have any buttons on the front of the phone like
    the white ones like i mean like the pick up and
    hang up button because if you look at it closely
    you can’t see it.. so i’m just wondering b4
    i buy it..

  5. HALEY says:

    Ok ok so i have heard good and bad stuff about this phone but i REALLY like how it looks and i want a phone that can listen to music~ i LOVE music and i think that is a really good quality for a phone to have! but i really need to know if it is good enough quality becuase i want to go and get it tomarrow!!!!!!!!!

  6. Zunaira says:

    heyy. is it actually that LIGHT pink color? i wanted hot pink and i’m getting sick of my razr. i saw someone who had a HOT PINK LG CHOCOLATE… is that possible? or maybe the lighting made it seem HOT PINK… help!

  7. madziexx says:

    im gettin Lg chocolate in pink for crimbo nd i hope i didnt make a bad mistake pls pls plssssssssssssssssss someone tell me if its good or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. blah says:

    why does this phone lokk different from the one i have? this is like a different model. r there two types of chocolate phones? its sure seems like it. this doesnt really look like my mint chocolate…

  9. i really want this phone but my dad might not let me because iv already got a phone iv had it for about over 2 years now and im realy bored witth it it disnt flip slide or anything i think this one is gorgouse any suggestions for what i can say to convince my dad to let me have it for my b day thanks a lot

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