LG SH110 Phone Released in Korea this Month

Why oh why oh why do they always release not bad phones in Korea we are only across the water so why do we have to wait ages for it, never mind let us see what the LG SH-110 has to offer. So we know that the LG SH 110 will be released in Korea this month so now about the phone itself.

LG SH-110

The look of the phone is nothing to write home about but still it is not the ugliest phone in the world, this one has a softish outer casing and is off the slider family. It has HSDPA internet connectivity and also video function, it also has Bluetooth and with a 2 MP camera and it will function as an MP3 player as well.

So far so good nothing really special in my eyes but still a nice little phone “what do you think?

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