Reality Check Nintendo Wii Phone May Be A possibility or Not

Giants Nintendo have come up with the most stunning idea of which I cannot see ever happening but hey come on it is worth ago with all the technology we have “Nintendo far from reality or what?

Yes we have a breakthrough with the Zune Phone and then the Apple iPhone now they say we might (NOT) be seeing the Nintendo Wii Phone, cool idea if you ask me. The phone is apparently going to be a phone which will be combined with the Wii control and if this happens will be some kind of VoIP phone.

Nintendo Wii Phone

Nintendo was saying that they wanted to put some kind of microphone on the remote and now true or not no one really knows that they want it to be some kind of phone.

Watch this space because I will be pursuing this one.



One thought on “Reality Check Nintendo Wii Phone May Be A possibility or Not”

  1. Super says:

    well i think that its going to suck! please a wii phone you people are not serious. just stick to your Game consoles. just let the companies that sell phones do what they do best we don’t need another crappy phone on the market. by crapy i meen the Wii phone!

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