VoIP Netgear Skype Dual Phone No Computer Needed

This is the brilliant Netgear SPH200D Skype Dualphone, and what is good about this one is you do not need to turn the computer on. This is a phone where you get Netgear and Skype together which then combined gives you a phone that operates as a normal landline phone.

Netgear Skype Dual Phone

You just simply plug this cordless dual mode phone base station into your broadband router being it wired or wireless using Ethernet ports, and this allows you to make free Skype calls. You can even plug the VoIP Netgear Skype Dual phone into a normal phone line to make land line phone calls. You get the base station, cordless VoIP phone and a recharge docking station.

– PC Compatible (Windows XP) and MAC.
– Connects to Any Broadband Router VIA LAN Cable
– No Computer Required!
– £ 179.99

Via — i-voip.co.uk


One thought on “VoIP Netgear Skype Dual Phone No Computer Needed”

  1. Rob says:

    Dont but this phone. The tonal quality of the average call is actually like that of a bad cell phone call. As for battery life, well I havent found the battery running out while I was talking, I have had to charge it every couple of days sometimes less and I dont make calls every day (the longest call I have made with it is 25 minutes and yes I have replaced the batteries because I thought they were defective). I bought this through ebay and if I could return it and get the phillips dual phone but I cant so I’m stuck with it, dont make my mistake

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