What would you send us in exchange of a Sony Ericsson P800?

We here have got a Sony Ericsson P800 which we are offering any Phones Review reader, all we want in exchange is something from you. Instead of the boring competitions and money being exchanged we want to start a simple exchange program. We have called it “What would you send us in exchange of a Sony Ericsson P800?

All you need to do is decide what item you would send us for us to send you the P800 it is that simple. You decide what gift you want to swap us in exchange for our gift. The Sony Ericsson P800 Is still a good phone, very good for personal and or business use, it is an open phone which means it will take any sim card, it has a touch screen that comes with a stylus but it has not got a charger.

Sony Ericsson P800

The mobile phone works wonders, it is a phone with no charger and no box just the phone only, all in good working order, it has an expansion memory card which means you can upgrade for more memory. The P800 will be sent to the person we believe who are send us a good gift in return, then that gift sent to us will be exchanged for another gift and so on. The gift you send us can be anything you wish.

Instructions — In comments area below –
1. What item would you want to send us in exchange for P800
2. Give as much detail of item you want to give us
3. Please leave your email so we can contact you

Sony Ericsson P800

Once we have chosen what we like, we will send you an email about sending items to each other. Please remember this is fun but also other people will be wanting to send gifts so get searching, “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SEND US IN EXCHANGE FOR A SONY ERICSSON P800?


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  1. julia says:

    I hve one of the early red 6101 nokiaphones.(shld be almost an antique in the world of technology soon), might add never had drop out or breakup of calls, returned my Samsung D520 cuz locked to vodafone which wasnt compatible with their ringtones!! Had Motorolla 3 but gave way as cldnt upload photos….all this in the last three months so need some serious help or luck soon.

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