I have lost my mobile phone Asbo Style Tagging System

I have lost my mobile phone, you know as well as we do, losing mobile phones is always the way. Many of us are always losing our mobile phones and it can be so annoying, but hey not anymore you mobile phone lovers. One of the most common items in this world to be lossed is either keys or mobile phones but not anymore.

If a mobile phone is misplaced you normally would pick up another phone and ring your mobile phone which then you would hear a ringtone and find it, but and a big but, what if you lossed it at work or somewhere where the mobile ringtone is out of range then what do you do. Well this is what you would do; you would follow this link to Yougetitback.com who has got the mobile phone Asbo tagging system.

The clever idea will mean mobile phones can be found and the way it works is, you would log onto their website and activates an alert in which then will trigger an e-tag wallpaper to appear on the handsets display and will prevent calls to anything other than the Yougetitback call centre. The modest reward will be awaited to the honest phone finder while the owner steers away from a massive phone bill.

Source — PC Advisor

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