The Korean Sky Concept Phone that will Pee you off

For some reason manufacturers surely design new mobile phones just to pee us off, the new Korean Sky concept phone is one off them. This phone has the most desirable design with sleek looks that will have everyone wanting one and with many concept mobile phones dominating the world with new designs and ideas of specifications we all get envious.

Korean Sky Concept Phone

The thing we all want on this new Korean Sky concept phone is the specifications and like Hitslot (Source) have said “it’s just a concept”, this Sky concept is unbelievable to look at the design is remarkable and very tasteful and would really look good in our hands not alone in the hands of the world. We must put this question forward “Should they stop making concept mobile phones and bring them to reality”?

Sky Concept Phone

Our answer to this hear at Phones Review is simple, the reason they will not make concept mobile phones reality is because, it is way to expensive to put these phones into production and it is as simple as that, they just love to tease our minds and this is where they have control. “What are your views to the above question?


One thought on “The Korean Sky Concept Phone that will Pee you off”

  1. Allannyc says:

    Point Is That There’s A Small Market/Portion Of The World Population That Would Buy The Phone Even If It Costs $1000 American Dollars…I’m One Of Them.

    I’m Tired Of Burning 3/400 Dollars In Phones That Look Like A $14.99 Piece Of Garbage That You Can Find On A TV Advertisement At Any Given Time Of The Day.

    Just Like The Motorola RZR…Pure Junk. The Only Good Thing About That Phone Is The Strong Advertisement Campaign To Make People Believe That It Was A Great Phone, When In Deed Is Just Another Overpriced “Disposable Piece Of Junk.”

    When Are We Going [As Consumers] To Start Forcing Manufacturers To Stop Focusing On Mass Producing All This “Junk Gadgets” And Start To Focus More On The Market That Is Not Being Satisfied???

    Or Does “Apple” Have To Make A Teenager’s Version Of The “Sky Phone” For “Samsung Or Nokia” To Realize That People Want Futuristic, Cutting Edge ‘N’ Unique Designs Available?

    We Are In The 21 Century ‘N’ 99.9% Of Cellphones Out There In The Market ‘R’ Esthetically Embarrassing.

    Sony Thinks That They Have Push The Envelope Because Their Units Now Come In Orange…Gimme A Brake.

    Where ‘R’ The Laser Keyboards ‘N’ Touch Screens In 99.9% Of Cellphones? Buttons ‘R’ Like Coal Engines In Old Trains…

    Does “Holographic Projection” Screen Ring Any Bell? Or Do We Have To Wait Another 100 Years For Them To Implement A 2″ Projector On A Cellphone?

    I’m Just Another Consumer Who Is Feed Up With The “Showing Off.”

    “I Say” Stop Talking ‘N’ Make It A Reality…Show What U Got…Otherwise I Can Even Hire A Graphic Artist ‘N’ Make Him Design A Killer Product. After All, That’s Just Pure Fiction. ‘N’ I’ve A Lot Of Imagination That Goes Ever Beyond Nokia’s “CONCEPT” Phone : Morph.

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