The Best Mobile Phone Pranks and Scams

There are so many mobile phone pranks and scams in which if we sat here and told you about them I would be 95 by the time I finished. So the best thing for us to do is ask you what you know.

By asking you for the best pranks and scams on mobile phones will be really good for all Phones Review readers, you can share the best of what you know because someone always knows a prank or scam that other people may not know.

The best mobile phone prank I have had is where my brother rung me and said “You need to ring this number because it is important” so without hesitation I rung this number as I trust my brothers word. When I phoned this number which I have lost now the person on the other end in a posh voice said “Hello you have reached Buckingham Palace please hang up or press one if you need to speak to someone, so I pressed number one on the mobile phone and got through. I said to them hi my name is Mark you wanted to speak to me, the other person on the phone said to me in an abrupt voice you have rung the queens number next time you ring us we will take further action. Oops yes I was worried so I hung up. (The number was the real number to Buckingham Palace.

Please let us and our readers the best mobile phone pranks and scams, get them rolling in let us all have a laugh, have fun.


21 thoughts on “The Best Mobile Phone Pranks and Scams”

  1. You can’t beat setting someone’s mobile phone wake up alarm for 4.30am 🙂

    Another one I know, is changing the phone numbers around of two people in the phone book. (Like G/F and the Mother In Law) The messages then sent are somewhat not for viewing by that person and quite embarrassing!

  2. Steve Lenz-Williams says:

    A whole better prank, a friend of mine used his girlfriends phone,..used the voice recorder to store a blood-curdling scream and set it as the ring tone in a new profile.
    Then when they sat down to watch a scary movie together,..he quickly switched to the profile he had created and simply dialled her number from the kitchen,…he witnessed her almost physically jumping out of her skin,….she still hasn’t forgiven him.

  3. Prankster Man says:

    I always love getting my mates phone, changing my name to his service provider (i.e Orange) and then tx him something like….

    ”Please contact us regarding payment of your outstanding bill of £852.32 as you have failed to respond to our contact by mail.”

    Then let them spend all day trying to contact their service provider lol…

  4. stewart says:

    tanya 0434 048377 tanya likes to root around and try make everyone else look bad just to take the focus off herself, also a cheater and a snake

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