The new and just launched Samsung SCH-C210 Ultra Edition 5.9 Mobile Phone

Samsung have just launched the brand new ultra edition 5.9 mobile phone apparently called the Samsung SCH-C210 in Korea. This is the world’s slimmest phone to date but you know as well as we do there will be thinner ones.

Samsung SCH-C210 Ultra Edition

The new announcement made by Samsung for their local Korean market have made a phone that looks fashionable and small but yet still with great features such as a 1.93 inch screen and a 2 MP camera, Bluetooth and even an MP3 player which we all want and even an electronic dictionary. If you know more about this new phone please does let us know? Thanks

Samsung SCH-C210 Ultra Edition

Source — I4U News

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6 thoughts on “The new and just launched Samsung SCH-C210 Ultra Edition 5.9 Mobile Phone”

  1. Excuse me people, just wondering if anyone has heard of this software which is available at motounlockuk.co.uk.
    Apparently you can unlock Motorola mobile phones simply using the IMEI number, cutting out the need for a USB cable to link your phone to your PC. Just used it with my razr v3 and a rokr e1, and it certainly works, but what do i do now with an unlocked phone?
    It’s for sale at 5 Pounds (UK), and i was wondering whether anyone had used it before. Sorry if i’ve posted in the wrong section!. Please Help!!

  2. Andy says:

    MotounlockUK claim to offer a full money back guarantee, but this is a total lie. They refused to refund my money when their software didn’t unlock my phone, and my recorded delivery letter to them requesting a refund was returned unopened.
    You have been warned

  3. Brett says:

    I agree with andy. They simply stopped replying to my emails when I ran into trouble. When I directly asked them if they were scammer they did not deny it, just said sorry

  4. motounlockuk
    Beware this website!
    Read the terms & conditions carefully and hear the alarm bells. Many phones that are not as simple as they say to unlock. A deliberately dishonest outfit who prey on the percentages to make a quick buck.
    Ashamed to admit, they caught …

  5. Dave says:

    I’ve had the same experience as Brett, Andy and A. The software they sent me did not work in the way it was described on their website (it did not state that I would need to buy credits from another company to complete the unlock process). I pointed out to them that they had therefore sold me faulty software, asked for a refund, and suggested they update the instructions on their website immediately to prevent any further confusion. They did not reply nor update their website. Clearly they are intentionally scamming people. It’s sad that there are scum like MotoUnlockUK around.

  6. I unlcoked my phone with Motounlockuk and had no problems whatsoever. What phone were you trying to unlock? I downloaded their software and unlocked my KRZR K1 in under 10 minutes – so glad i sacked vodafone off! Maybe i was just lucky…

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