Samsung 16GB NAND Flash Memory Chips for Mass Production

Samsung have said that they will become the first to start mass producing a whopping memory chip, the Samsung 16GB NAND flash memory chip which can be used in mobile phones. Samsung will apparently be fabricating these little or should we say massive devices in 51 nanometers.

Samsung 16GB NAND Flash Memory Chips

This would mean it will be the best and finest process technology to be used in such memory mass production to date, Jim Elliott — Director said “To minimize production costs and improve performance, we have applied the finest process technology a ‘half generation’ ahead of the industry, which is introducing 55nm and higher.” This means that Samsungs 51nm NAND flash chips can and will be produced 60 percent more efficiently than those produced with 60nm process technology. Roll on to the 16GB memory chip that’s all we say.

Source — Cellular News


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  1. marlo says:

    waht a good idea we have now for mobile phone to have a good and really amazing storage capacity.
    thanks to nanotechnology..awesome samsung

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