Linksys WIP320 Dual Mode Cordless VoIP Wireless G Phone

The new Linksys WIP320 dual mode cordless wireless G phone is coming soon and this is a VoIP phone that’s looks like it will be good but then the proof is in the pudding as they say. The Linksys WIP320 phone is a wireless G phone which has Skype pre-loaded on it already which means you can talk to other Skype users for FREE.

Linksys WIP320 Dual VoIP Phone

We love that word FREE talk for FREE oh did we say Skype calls FREE, ok that’s enough I have had my fun. The good thing about this phone is that you no longer need to sit in front of the computer whilst taking a call; you can now roam around and take calls. Your Skype contacts will be shown in list format right there on the Linksys WIP320 Dual Mode Cordless VoIP Wireless G Phone’s colour screen.

Source – Linksys

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