Some silly sod put a mobile phone in a torch

We really have to do a debate on this one, there are mad, then there is stupid, then there is plain damn crazy but we love it. Some silly sod put a mobile phone in a torch; yes this is true a mobile phone flash light.

A mobile phone is a gadget and a torch is sort of a gadget so combine the 2 together and you get a really light mobile phone (LOL), this cell phone flashlight is designed for emergencies by makers Willcom and this new gadget runs on two flashlight batteries oh and it does not have a screen but who cares it is dark you will not see it.

mobile phone flashlight

Yes remembering numbers is hard but if it is for emergencies all you need to remember is in the UK dial 999 in the states its 911 that’s all you need. Get in on this debate and answer this question –

Would you buy a mobile phone flashlight yes or know and why?

Source — Gizmodo

If you love mobile phone accessories then the where to buy section below this post will help you. See what you think.

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