Linksys WIP300 Wireless G IP Phone Make Low Cost Calls

You can now make high-quality voice over IP (VoIP) service through a Wireless-G network and high-speed Internet connection with the Linksys WIP300 Wireless G IP Phone through your Internet Telephony Service Provider which enables you to make low cost calls and FREE calls via Skype to your friends on your Skype list.

This VoIP cordless phone operates in the 2.4GHz band and supports 802.11g and the latest VoIP SIP protocols, the Linksys WIP300 phone itself has a large full-color high resolution display which is good quality plus features, call forwarding, call transfer, caller ID and stores call history plus can save 200 phone book entries.

Linksys WIP300 Wireless G IP Phone

Main Features —
– Easy, Secure Setup on WiFi Network with SES
– Make Low-Cost High Quality VoIP Calls From Your Wireless-G Network
– Intuitive User Interface
– Superior Range and Performance

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