New Motorola RAZR 2 V8 Mobile Phone Review & Specifications

Class is what this phone is all about and should not be mistaken for a Motorola V3 type phone, the Motorola RAZR 2 V8 is in a world of its own and part of the RAZR series this 11.9mm mobile has many smarter features than any other Motorola handset on the market, for example the ARM II processor.

Motorola RAZR 2 V8 Shut

The RAZR2 V8 has a stainless steel frame and a very large external display and to help you out even more the phone features a colour screen so that you can control your music with touch input controlling plus texts and more. For music it has Windows Media 11 and you can get more storage with the help of 2GB which in out terms is about 1,000 songs which oh yeah you can download at a fast rate via micro USB 2.01.

Motorola RAZR 2 V8 Open

Motorola RAZR 2 V8 Specifications —

– GSM Quad, EDGE Class 12, GPRS Class 12
Display: 2.2” 320×240 TMR 262K/2.0” 320×240 TFT 262K
– Stainless steel frame
– 2.0 megapixel camera
– Speech recognition
– Touch music keys on the front
– Windows Media® 11
– 420MB of end user on-board user memory5 or 2GB memory
– HTML Opera browser
– Pre-loaded games
– MotoSyncâ„¢ — Synchronization of your corporate Email, Calendar or Contacts
– Micro USB 2.0
Talk Time: up to approx 500 minutes
Standby Time: up to approx 280 hours
– 103 x 53 x 11.9mm
– 117grams

Source — Engadget Mobile


43 thoughts on “New Motorola RAZR 2 V8 Mobile Phone Review & Specifications”

  1. julia says:

    can anyone tell me wot price this phone is in Australia, sounds neat altho wondering if I shld wait for a new Nokia, I have found Nokia to be the most intelligent and user friendly usually loaded with required functionality one problem is they havent really come up to par in the looks dept where as motorolla samsung and chocolate look great….

  2. AgUsTiNa says:

    Me en canta el moto razr 2 ese celular es una masa

    lo reeeeeeeeeeee amooooo’

    ta muy wuenoo

    espero q ya este en cordoba x q me lo quiero comprar

    bue bss


  3. James says:

    Well I imagine you’ve found out the answer by now Ralph, but if not then it’s No.

    The V8 appears to save SMS into unified memory. I haven’t deleted a single message since I bought it, and it’s currently storing about 900, without any sign of slowdown or anger.

  4. ;HGLJH says:


  5. Ashley says:

    iHGLJH, or whatever your name means…Does it say it’s waterproof?? NO.
    If your that much of an idiot to drop a phone in the water and then say it sucks you have problems. If you drop any phone in the water it’s probabley going to have problems, don’t judge the phone on something it wasen’t designed to endure.

  6. Liam Moorcroft says:

    I received this phone for christmas and i am not dissapointed apart from being astonshingly beauty it also has the brains to match with a new talking feature so that you can hear a text message you receive!
    it has a brilliant memory thus explaining why it has no memory card slot. the razr2 also boasts a amazing external and internal screens, i also seem to enjoy its touch screen music buttons which are located on the front of the phone.

    i slight let down was it average 2 mega pixel camera compared to its other rivals in its price range

    but overall this is an amazing phone and would recommend to anyone.

    it has rescurreted the razr series populatrity and stould mainly for its sheer beauty aswell as its durability.

  7. Jenny says:

    Ok. I am SICK of hearing that this phone isn’t good. I just got it like ……a MONTH ago and have already dropped it (on cement) three or four times. There is only a tiny ding.

    The battery life holds up well for a phone that can do mp3 and camera and such.

    Those people who complain about expandable memory blah blah….NEWS FLASH you can upload your pics onto your COMP! and if you need more…get a ipod or a camera! ITS A PHONE FOR GODSAKES NOT A ROCKETSHIP! It is very fast and performs well.

    I’m a texter and a caller and i find that it suits my needs PERFECTLY.

    The only people who WONT like this phone are the lazy ones because they don’t have time to upload and wipe off a fingerprint or two. The double screen is fabulous because i can answer all of my SMS messages w/o flipping the lid.

    i like flip phones but always worry that they’ll break, this one has a strong hinge.

    and you really dont need more than a 2mp….otherwise get a digicam.

    uploading music was made REALLY easy and again….all you need to do is read a sentence or two in the manual. GOSH! …..only complaint is the usb cover ( not sturdy inconvienient place)

    OH COME ON!!!!!!! its not supposed to be WATERPROOF!!!!!!!!

  8. Andy says:

    I have been almost having a thousand disscutions with my cooworker regarding whos phone is the best.. trust me when i buy something for me i dont care about the price but the things it can do plus internal features and stuff… trust me dude… if the phone was water proved the company who makes this phones would be the best one in the market cuz we can deny that sony ericksons and nokias arent amazing as well.. go back to kinder garden and learn how to read the manual..
    P.s. I-Phones suck.. theyre touch screen 100% the touch screen is broken and your phone is gone….

  9. Nathan says:

    I just got this phone a few hours ago…only bad so far is the interface is different from moto’s status quo. everything else i find very sexy

  10. hubjuba says:

    i had to replace my RAZR2 v9 3 times. first time the ringtones did not match the person i set it for and it would not show the pictures to the person i set it for when they called. it wouldnt keep. they gave me a new one. after 2 weeks it went blank. they gave me a new one and that one did exactly what the first one did.

    i gave up and ended up with a funky LG EnV. i hate it and i miss my RAZR2 but i couldnt take another chance on this sucker not working again. That was an amazing peice of technology. i loved the features. too bad that didnt work out.

  11. Lilmiss says:

    Absolutly fabulouse phone way a head of the new cyber in style this phone is so solid with the new scratch proof metal it my not have a 5 mega pixel but is battery life is brilliant if you want a 5 mega pixel camera phone then get the samsung g600 the new cybershot k850i is rubbish , its to big bulky and looks about 5 years old The camera on the motorola does not have a flash but night memory Clear shot which is really good better than a blinding flash this is one of the best phones motorola has made so far .
    all though the camera is 2 mega pixel its brilliant Its like a 3.5 because of the screen resolution it makes the camera better , Nice phone all toghther

  12. Saurabh says:

    Hey guys…my brother gifted me this fone and its absolutely amazing. yea i agree with the person above the phone is a bit longish…but looks really cool. does anyone know how to make the speaker on the front screen work???

  13. Beachbayby says:

    does anyone have a problem with the bluetooth connectivity??…..i have 3 Motorola h850 bluetooths….none of them sound clear with the razr2….any ideas???

  14. Steph says:

    I agree the phone is great but i have trouble uploading pics i took onto my computer. Whenever i try to open it up on my computer the file is empty. I try to save the picture in extended memory undery the picture file. What am i doing wrong?

  15. Alicia says:

    Has anyone had problem uploading pictures to a computer? Once I connect my phone I have all the folders but inside photos and videos they are empty. My music shows up just fine though. Any suggestions? Maybe by reloading the cd that came with the phone?

  16. taco says:

    Yeah i have problems uploading pictures, and video as well to my computer. I open the V8 in My Computer while it’s connected, and the files are all empty.

  17. mitchers says:

    i know what you mean i got my phone 6 months ago from rogers and i HATE IT. nothing works thers water stains under the screen within 2 weeks music goes off when its on silent.the screen moves when the flip part is closed , the back part that holds the beatery in comes of constantly and the front screen is alwys getting more scratched

  18. Tony says:

    Just exchanged my V3i for a Razr2 V8.m Love the ‘phone, but it flatly refuses to send or receive pictures in text messages. Have tried all sizes:large, medium, small and extra small but makes no diference. Any ideas please ?

  19. Angela says:

    If you want to download your pictures from your phone to your computer, you need to go to Settings, then Connections, USB Connection, then change it from Media Sychronization to Memory Card. This allows you to move pictures back and forth from your phone to your computer.

  20. mE... says:

    I love this fone…iv had it since april…..I don’t know all this fone can do…after all… im just 15 years old…I haven’t seen anione with this fone…its kind of kool knowing tht im the only one of my friends who have this fone…loL!!!

  21. Tinks x says:


    I think this fone is tops, i am deciding whether to get one or not as my m8 has one just like it and she swears by it, even tho the camera is on 2mp it stil works gr8!!!!! I have heard that motorola phones have bluetooth probs as my old 1 wouldn’t connect wiv my m8s nokia and it took ages, otherwise i am sure its a gr8 fone!!!

  22. Albert says:

    I’ve had this phone since Christmas ’07 and it’s a pimp of a phone. The only thing bad is the battery life (I’ve had it for almost a year now), and the battery isn’t what it used to be. The battery should last tops 2 years, which is the length of many wireless contracts. Coincidence????

  23. From Lt says:

    This phone is owsam I hawe it about half year and I realy like him…i had alotof motorolas like RAZER V3x…the simplev3 and a lot more…but his one is the best…the onli thing i dont like in this is his battery i need to charge him ewery day ;//

  24. RaiLynn says:


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