Motorola W370 has No Camera or Bluetooth

The Motorola W370 seems at first glance a nice phone but delve a little more into the mobile’s specs and BANG have to give it another thought, the reason for this second thought is because it has NO CAMERA and NO BLUETOOTH oh and NO MEMORY EXPANSION. A camera and Bluetooth technology are the most used features on a phone (well except texting of course. You judge for yourself if this Motorola W370 is for you.

Motorola W370

Motorola W370 Specifications —

    GSM 850 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
    Colour LCD TFT/TFD – 65,536 (16-bit) – 128 x 160 pixels display
    Tiny 1.5 MB internal memory
    Phone Book Capacity 100
    Hearing Aid Compatible
    Languages Supported – English, Spanish, Portuguese & French
    200 minutes talk time
    450 hours standby
    Polyphonic Ringtones
    Ringtone composer
    USB port
    EMS & MMS
    iTAP Predictive Text
    Side Keys
    Openwave 6.2.3 WAP Web Browser
    WAP 2.0
    Alarm, Calculator, Calendar, 2.5 mm Headset Jack, Games & Speaker Phone
    99 x 45 x 19 mm
    96 grams


166 thoughts on “Motorola W370 has No Camera or Bluetooth”

  1. My dad is buying me this in June. It seems great and better than other companys. Everybody saysits a big deal. I hope its as great as it sounds!I’m sooooooo excited to get it! I’m just to anxious to wait.lol

  2. georgia says:

    me too. except my uncle is getting it for me i cant wait i am getting it from wal-mart its my first phone so yeah i am very excited

  3. Brayden says:

    This is the first Tracfone to have a built-in web browser, which is a major improvement. I will be hopefully getting this phone soon. Hooray!!!

  4. R.J. says:

    I own this phone and I have to say the quality is nice! Reception is much better than other Tracfones, sound quality is superb, and it looks cool to boot.

    Overall, a nice phone and a major improvement for Tracfone! (much better than the V170 hunk of crap I had before).

  5. Sorry c***eater i don’t think it comes out for net10. The phone plan is tracfone through cingular/at&t. Just pay as u go but when u get it I can guarantee u’ll love it!

  6. Dan says:

    yeah ….net10 says they have it “coming soon” ..but i cant find a release date anywhere…anybody got anything

    —kristen, you do txt messaging?

  7. Michelle says:

    i’ve benn looking at some of the reviews for this phone and some have been good, but some have been bad. so who’s do i go with? i dont want to get this phone if it is bad like some of the rviews are saying. it sounds like most of the people who wrote a review on this website like it. so should i get it? post back please!! =]

  8. My text messaging on this phone still won’t work right. It’s driving me up the wall. It’s a nice phone, besides me not being able to receive texts for some reason. err!

  9. Kristen says:

    chill calm down. It’ll work! Mines did that to. Sad thing you’ll have to wait atleast a week or so. Good side it’ll be great to text when u get it back!

  10. Kaite says:

    i have the same question as Michelle. all the reviews are different and i dont know who’s to go with. everyone that got- it do you like it? does it work good? post back soon!! i need to know because i might be getting it on Sunday, if its good!

  11. Michelle says:


    you said u have the phone right? And you like it? Because one of the reviews on a different website said, the wed browser doesnt work, the ringtones stink, and so do the games….but u say you love it…..If i want to download ringtones off the internet or something will i be able to with this phone?
    please post back really soon!!

  12. Michelle take a deep breathe! Yeah you can download wallpaper ringtones graphic ringtones true tones and even animated things. Its really cool! Trust me you’ll love it!

  13. Patrick says:

    I was thinking about buying this phone, but I think I’ll wait till the come out with the LG CG225 (first camera flip phone.) Sounds like a better deal…

  14. Chris says:

    Dan: “yeah ….net10 says they have it “coming soon” ..but i cant find a release date anywhere…anybody got anything”

    I’ve been wondering the same thing, net10 and tracfone’s airtime prices don’t even compare, net10 is 10 cents per minute all the time (at least thats what they say, idk about the roaming charges). If I would’ve known about net10 earlier I wouldn’t have bought a tracfone at all. I want this phone for net 10!!

  15. Dan says:

    i have net10 right now with the v176. its a good phone, but i want the w370. im happy with net10, its the cheapest prepaid i could find. they run right off of tracfone, so i thought the phones would be out at the same time. roaming is included, so its always 10 cents … i emailed customer service and havent herd back about a release date yet, but if i do ill let u guys know.

    5 cent txt messaging too!

  16. Patrick says:

    The only other service you can get with Tracfone is T-mobile. If you’re that concerned about minute charges, I would check out T-Mobile and if it’s cheaper, just switch services on your Tracfone.

  17. Kaite says:

    i got this phone yesterday and i love it! it works already and the clarity is awsome. deffanitly this is the best tracfone so far. totally buy it!

  18. Dan says:

    its not possible to put ur net10 SIM in a tracfone is it? ive read in a bunch of places that tracfone and net10 use a special airtime counter software, or something like that, so you cant put a tracfone or net10 SIM in any unlocked phone. but if both services have it, couldnt u just switch the SIM card?

    get back please

  19. ChRi$tiNA says:

    this phone is pretty hot i have to say its a hell of a lot beter then the one i have hopfully i will get it with my next paycheck! =)

  20. Dan says:

    i got an email back from net10. They just said that it should be out “very soon”. and they are sorry because there has been an unexpected delay in the release of their new phones.

  21. katelyn says:

    hi! i’m thinking of getting the net10 version when it comes out, does anyone just have a net ten phone? if you do I’m just wondering do you get charged for texting that you receive?

  22. Dan says:


    i have net10 now, and i want the w370. with my v176 it charges .5 units for incoming and outgoin text messages, which is 5 cents a message. i think tracfone charges .3 for incoming and outgoin text messages, but they have higher rates per unit, so i think it works out to be the same, or net10 may even be a little less.

  23. Dan says:

    am i wrong about tracfones rates?, or my math in saying they are almost the same price. i know for a fact net10 charges .5 units on incoming and outgoing texts… i send text messages every day.

  24. Dan says:

    the more money on minutes you spend with tracfone gets u cheaper rates. for a 40$ card you get like 20 cents per unit..point 3 of that is like 6 cents, still more than tracfone. with a 20$ card its almost 33 cents a unit, and .3 of that is like 9 cents!. i had the v170 be4 i swtiched to net10 and i know i was charged for incoming and outgoing texts.

  25. PhoneMania says:

    “Sorry c***eater i don’t think it comes out for net10. The phone plan is tracfone through cingular/at&t. Just pay as u go but when u get it I can guarantee u’ll love it!”

    Yea Net10 is gonna have this NO CAMERA / NO ANYTHING BESIDES AN EXPENSIVE TO USE BROWSER phone. supposedly they will have it by the END OF JULY – so says their CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT.

  26. PhoneMania says:

    Always 10¢ – Local, Long Distance or Roaming

    300 minutes = $30 — 60 days service
    600 minutes = $60 — 120 days service
    1,000 minutes + $100 — 180 days service

    NOTE : Text Messaging = 5¢
    NOTE : Text Messaging = 5¢
    NOTE : Text Messaging = 5¢ —- NOT .3 OR FREE !
    NOTE : Text Messaging = 5¢
    NOTE : Text Messaging = 5¢

  27. michael says:

    hey, i got this phone for tracfone and it works really good and i love it. its just that the price for the unit cards it too expensive. like 120 minutes costs 30 dollars, when for 30 dollars you could get 300 minutes for net10. net10, i would say, is the best prepaid cell phone carrier out there. and there is no roaming charges, its still 10 cents a minute, and the text messages is 5 cents a minute. i would say, wait till this phone comes out for net10. you’ll save alot of money. trust me, if you buy it for tracfone, you’ll regret it. buy it for net10. thanks for reading, and good luck with the phone.

  28. Dan says:

    yea …net10 is always 5 cents ….tracfone is .3, and the price per unit varies for what card you buy. kristen said net10 dosent charge text but they do….they r cheaper than tracfone, and will soon have all the same phones

  29. michael says:

    hey, my name is michael and this is the true facts about this phone. its a great phone. i had it for about a month now and i love it. but, dont get tracfone. wait until it comes out for net10. tracfone costs 25 cents per minute. but net10 costs 10 cents per minute. its a big difference. in like a week, two at the most, it’ll come out for net10. for 30 dollars you will get 120 minutes with tracfone. but with net10, with 30 dollars you will get 300 minutes, which is more than two times cheaper. trust me, you’ll regret it if you get tracfone. well, i hope you read this and you understand whats the difference with tracfone and net10. good luck with the motorola w370!

  30. Melissa says:

    Hey i think this fone sucks its awful dont buy it it!!!!
    !!!!! AWFUL im waiting til the new lg cg225 cell and i think all ov u should follow my advise and wait 4 it 2.kristen ur WRONG this fone sucks

  31. ChRi$tiNA says:

    same here i hope its as good as it sounds, it was suppost to be shiped to my house today but i hasent come =[ yea its not as gud as the real razor but it a hole lot better then the phones offerend on tracfone…cant wait!

  32. eric says:

    hey kristen and anybody else who got dis phone does ur browser work and how long didi it take 4 it 2 work cuz i just got dis phone and my browser aint workin and how old are u cuz we can txt sumtim mayb im 15 goin on 16 in a couple days

  33. eric says:

    anybdy who got dis phone o u kristen how long did it take 4 yo browser 2 work b/c mine does not work rite now nd mayb we can text sumtim how old is u im 15 goin on 16 in a couple of days anyways lata

  34. DSHAK says:

    I’m getting this fone cuz my other 1 from tracfone broke (moto c261) and i was wondering if it was able 2 have true tone ringtones and if i could by a memory card 4 the fone?

  35. Melissa says:

    hey eric lol not such a good idea trying to hook up wit people on a review site lol but mabe we kan txt sumtime lol well tak to ya lata reply bak

  36. Melissa says:

    Hey tyler txt messaging 4 tracfone either costs .03 or .05 units to txt. with my fone it is free 2 open txts but on sum fones it costs the same as sending the txt. i think on the new razr (wich u shouldnt buy) it costs .05 to send the txt and i dont know how much it is 2 open well hope this helps u.

  37. kool chris…. Listen everyone I have to apoligize I”m sorry I haven’t been writing about the fones or helping you guys out within a week! It was b/c I was on vacation in Tennessee. Very sorry and I hope there was no confusion or complications with anything. Thanks!!

  38. jIMMY says:

    I just went to TARGET to see the phone in person, and I was highly disappointed. It looks and feels very cheap and poorly designed. I have NET10 right now, but TRACFONE is the same price if you buy the DOUBLE MINUTES card and get at least a $39.99 card for 200 minutes, which will be doubled to 400 minutes. If you plan on averaging 133 minutes or less per month, then TRACFONE’s average monthly charge is cheaper. That will eventually make up for most or all of the $49.99 charge for the DOUBLE MINUTES card.

  39. Thats great but I’m telling you jimmy if you had the tracfone and texted went on the internet and everything when you got it you would not be dissapointed…… Its the best. I have it now and i love it!

  40. DSHAK says:

    ive had this fone scince last monday and 2day i accidently droped it on concret and there are a lot of dents and scratches n it! its a piece of shit anyway! DONT BUY IT FROM ANY PHONE PROVIDER THAT HAS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Melissa says:

    LOL ha ha ha ha ha ha eric lol lol LMAO she wont answer her fone lol lol i wonder y im srrry but i find this very humoring lol well kristen i dont blame u 4 not answering ur fone i woldnt either lol

  42. eric says:

    omg fuc u mel u r such a bitch nd u need 2 go do aprojects sumwhere nd get areal taste of fucin life or get off ur fat ass nd stay out of peoples business u fucin fat little whore ye im sayin it nd i dont care bitch u can cry 2 ur lil daddy

  43. Dan says:

    holy crap!!!
    what happend to talking about the phone.
    i keep emailing net10 and they change the time every time, fist it was very soon…
    then it was july…..then it was late july, and now they r sayin august…but w/e.
    idk if im even going to buy it anymore…
    i need to save up for a new snowboard.

    and just to give my 2 bits, me being a guy i would never look into talkin gto someone whose number i got on a review site…you have now idea who they are! …all you got is a name…a little creepy, i say we stick to the phone..and quit this stuff……
    and even if you r seriously leaving your number online, you must be desperate
    …….so in saying that my number is ….haha jp

  44. jIMMY says:

    this phone is available at net10.com. It costs $79.99, more than the $49.99 that tracfone charges, but Net10 gives you 300 free minutes when you activate. I like that the phone is thin and has an integrated antenna, but that’s not enough for me.

  45. Cari says:

    Hey i was just wondering what the ringtones were like for this phone. Cus i would really prefer Real tones over Poly Tones. Someone get back to me pleaseeeeeeee!

  46. Taylor Matthews says:

    I’m Pissed! My Phone won’t get activated.

    To answer some of your ringtone questions, NO, its still poly tones, but you can get better ones than the crappy ones you start out with, including music tones. I wish I could get Real Tones, cus that would be awesome.

    This tracfone is probably the only one I would EVER consider taking out of my pocket in public to make a phone call. Out of all the tracfones this is probably the coolest and best looking. From a glance, it actually might look like you have a RAZR. What they need to do is actually make a RAZR for tracfone, I mean cmon, why can’t they make decent phones for tracfone. It needs a Camera, it needs bluetooth, and what happened to the sleek metalic buttons, they are gone!

    I can’t actually comment on the service, as I still can’t activate mine until my SIM number is activated, which will happen at god knows when. If you do buy a tracfone, make sure you get the double minutes card, otherwise you run out of minutes TOO FAST if you talk or want to talk a lot. I’m actually afraid to use tracfones casually because I run out of minutes in weeks. 200 minutes is definetely not enough to keep my satisfied.

    Another good idea to add would be a 50 minutes a month service plan. That way you can get 50 minutes every month added to your phone, without any hassle. It will even add 30 more days to your activation thingy.

    IF you aren’t a big talker, then you get the monthly plan that just keeps renewing your service every month. It is only 4.95 a month, and 60 dollars a year. That beats buying the 1 year plan which is 100 dollars, but of course it comes with 200 minutes, or 400 with the double card. That isn’t worth it compared to net10 which would give you 1000 minutes for your 100, but the service wouldn’t last long.

  47. Taylor says:

    Buy this from NET10.

    It has real tone ringtones, AND cheaper minutes. I bought it from TracFone TODAY, and I regret that I didn’t research it from NET10.

    From TracFone its ok. OK. Its not excellent, but its the only tracfone I would ever use in public.

  48. James says:

    has anyone else used the W370 and think it feels cheap? I’ve been using the C139 with Net10 and hate it, but I don’t know if it’s worth paying $80 for a new phone if it’s a piece. Also does anyone know if it has voice dialing like the RAZR?

  49. Colin says:

    I bought this phone (tracefone) while hollidaying in the US now back in the UK I tried to get it unlocked but it would not unlock. Any ideas about being able to use a UK Sim card.

  50. jean says:

    been with tracfone for 6 years. bought this phone 2 mmos. ago and really love it. it gets strong signal about anywhere i am and it is through at&t. target had it on sale for 39.95 and gave you a 10.00 target gift card. good deal

  51. Dan says:

    yeah the web works the same way as the minutes …for net10 anyway …everyminute on the browser is a minute deducted

    but it doesnt matter, u can get the net10 browser and look at wallpapers and ringtones …but u cant go on like any other sites … every other thing is forbidden

  52. jean says:

    i get the yearly plan too. that’s great.. i bought the phone out of my area because they have no nice pgones for my zip code. i just activated with the zip code where i bought it. works great in my area and everywhere else. there is no extra roaming charge, it’s one unit per minute where ever you are.

  53. i dont even think they have the phone in my area…does anybody else know where there might be another store where i could buy one… i’ve looked at my local walmart store but there weren’t any.. thanks

  54. jean says:

    i got mine in a target but not in my area. on tracfone site it tells me it isn’t in my area. i figured it out because we do not have at&t cell store here. i just used the zip code in the area i bought the phone from and it activated fine and i use it here and everyplace else. it really is a nice phone. of course i don’t need a camera or bluetooth.

  55. James says:

    I just got the W370 I ordered and I believe the screen is 1.8 or two inches. The speakers are good, phone seems well built. Definitely worth the $85 from Net10

  56. jean says:

    as i said before, i got mine in target a couple months ago for39.99 plus a target gift card for 10.00. now it’s back up to 49.99 but if you can get to target watch there price. it’s through tracfone

  57. jean says:

    the numbers are as big as any other small phone. i see in kmarts ad today that they have the phone on sale for 39.95, if you have a kmart close by. ours don’t carry it because we don’t have at&t service here yet but go to another area and put their zip code in. that is what i did.. i get full signal at my home.

  58. James says:

    Ya I thought the same thing until I tried using the speakerphone while driving and it’s really quiet, not nearly loud enough to use when on the road. That’s the only drawback to the W370 that I’ve found so far.

  59. jean says:

    i tried my speaker on the phone today and it worked fine. you can turn the volume up. the person on the other end could hear it good. i was driving in the car but didn’t have a radio on.

  60. James says:

    Well how do you turn the volume up? I’ve tried using the right arrow button and the side button (while the speaker is on) and nothing makes the speaker louder, my friends’ phones have much louder speakerphones, I must be missing something

  61. jean says:

    i used the side button and it showed i had the volume up to #7. i could hear the other person good and they could hear me and i had it sitting in the cup holder.

  62. me says:

    do not get tracfone. they suck and charge you for every possible little thing they can get away with, its insanity. go with net10 or something.

    but this fone is amazing, im getting it again with my net10, the only down side is it doesnt have a camera in it and i really dont care other than when you get service with tracfone the backrounds avalible suck.

  63. James says:

    The major difference between Net10 and with Tracfone is the price. You cannot get 150 minutes and a month of service for $15 through tracfone, even if they do own Net10 they’re not nearly as good of a deal.

  64. I’m getting this phone tomorrow and I can’t wait! I’m 16 and going to get my license in a little over a week. I have never had a phone before and I have been wanting one forever! How is this phone? Should I buy it? Thanks 🙂

  65. James says:

    I Agree with Jean, this is definitely a good phone, although I think Net10 now has released a different version of it on their website that has more features. You might want to check that one out

  66. James says:

    I also had a hard time deciding between the W370 and the LG but I ended up getting the W370 because I heard the LG had a washed out inside screen. It does have a camera and external screen tho so it’s up to you.

  67. I picked up this phone tonight after wanting the original Razr for quite some time. Knowing that I use the phone for emergencies only, having the bluetooth and camera on it really make no sense to me.

    When hooking it up through Tracfone it takes a bit longer than standard prepaids, there are known issues with the SIM card not connecting right away but if you turn the phone off and then wait about 20 minutes before turning it back on, it fixes itself.

    I’m shopping around discount shops for the USB cable so I can use my own images as the backgrounds. With 1.5mb of storage you can’t really put much onto this phone but just to have something for very basic usage and about $10 a month in airtime, I’d say this is really worth the purchase.

    I don’t recommend using it as an everyday phone as most teenagers do, you’ll spend more money on minutes with this phone than you would an actual plan, but if the prepaid route is the only option – just keep track of the minutes you’re using. By default it comes with 10 units (10 minutes), just getting the phone setup you burn through it. Then to get the voicemail situated it’s another 10 units. Just something to keep in mind before you dive into this purchase. Be patient and have at least $20 (60 units) on the phone before you do any kind of setting up.

    Get yourself a login on the tracfone.com website too, it helps out quite a bit with known activation issues.

  68. snake says:

    I have a delema, tracfone has a deal for a motorola v176 for $100 and a free year card. I need the year card but i want this phone. if i get the w370 and a year card its $150. is it worth the extra $50? or should i go with the v176 deal?

  69. luckey says:

    nevermind … i saw a person on here with thier phone number on here … see i live in west virginia and i bought this phone here and when i tried to get it activated they told me i couldnt because it was not covered in my area … 25984 … well i took it upon myself to see if i could find a zip code where this phone was used … even though i dont live in NJ this phone still uses the same amount of time and i am the only one i know of in this zip that has a cool looking phone that no one knows is a trac fone !! it looks so nice and it is so easy to use i love it so if there is anyone out there that is having the same problem when you buy one and it says it is not avalible in your area just put the zip as 08055 and you can use your phone !!! no roaming or anything its all the same trust me you will love this phone it is well worth the 100 bucks it cost to buy it !!!!

  70. No camera or Bluetooth?! Isn’t that horrible?! How can we survive today without them?!
    People, if you want to take pictures and listen to music, get yourself a good digital camera and an iPod.
    As for this phone – it is simply great! Sleek design and no reception or battery life problems, unlike some other gadgety phones with Bluetooth and camera features!
    I bought It and I don’t regret it! Highly recommend it to others.

  71. Umm.. This phone is not very good on tracfone… At all.
    It says it has mp3 ringtones. tracfone blocked usb access, it doesn’t have enough space for an mp3. Just as well no camera, it would only be able to hold about 5 pictures at a time, anyways.
    I do not want to pay for ring tones i already own, and i want to be able to use the ones i make.
    This is a pretty good phone for trackfone, but then again, tracfone sux.

  72. James says:

    I agree that a camera and mp3 player in a phone are unnecessary but I do kind of wish this phone had bluetooth, it would be nice while driving and an external screen would be really nice to see who is calling before you answer.

  73. Jonathan K. says:

    I have this phone. This phone has absolutely the smallest internal memory ever. This phone even supported on any ringtone downloading sites… along with the rest of Motorola’s W- series. A camera and mp3 player, most people can do without, but no Bluetooth? By now most phones come with Bluetooth, which is pretty upsetting. In general, NOT one of Motorola’s better phones.

  74. Jessie says:

    I was just wondering, I may be getting this phone and wanted to know about texting on the motorola c139. Does the incoming text cost .3 units and the outgoing texts cost .3 units, or does just the outgoing text cost .3 units??!!! HELP!!! I really want to get this phone, but I don’t want to pay when my friends text me like i know they will!!

  75. A&HTON says:

    It doesnt have bluetooth or camera G-dog. Ringtonees come on the phone and u can purchase them. phone calls- YAH! Just type in the number and click the green DUH! Well I want to know more about the ringtones. The ones that comeon the phone are they good?Do u have a wide variety with the ones to buy?

  76. mel says:

    net10 has the w370 out but they don’t sell them in walmart they can’t tell me why though. I like net10 and all but sometimes the customer service people suck. Has anybody have the w370 phone with the mp3 ringtones? Does it really play the songs or is it just the music? that’s why i want this phone is the ringtones

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