Sony Ericsson Shinobu X-123i Prototype Phone

The new prototype Sony Ericsson Shinobu X-123i is the proto of the W850, this new phone from Sony Ericsson looks really good. The Shinobu X-123i walkman phone is only a slim 12.5mm and also has features such as a 2 megapixel camera, HSDPA data connection and a nice polished face finish.

Sony Ericsson Shinobu X-123i

Apparently this could come to the market sooner than we think and hopefully the end of May and at around $680.

Source — Slashphone


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  1. CrAzYmAdMe says:

    I really want the Sony ericsson and have been looking for it everywhere but I can’t find it in any shops or online or anything!…Then I started to think that maybe it came out as the Sony ericsson W910i but if this is so…how come theres not an orange coloured 1 because that is the 1 i really wanted!…can someone please tell me whats going on with this phone cause if it is possible to buy it I wanna know where you can buy it! It is such an awsome phone!

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