Anycall 5200 Knocks Off Samsung F520 Do you agree?

The new phone called the Anycall 5200 seems to be a slight knock off the Samsung F520, below you will see a couple of pictures of each phone and this is where you become mobile phone judge and jury — So please send in your debate comments so we can give sentence as soon as possible. When the 2 phones are slid up in portrait mode you will see the uncanny resemblance between the Anycall 5200 and the Samsung F520.

Anycall 5200 –

Anycall 5200

Samsung F520 –

Samsung F520

The Anycall 5200 apparently plays emulated ROMs from retro arcade and console games, other than just those not brilliant graphics on normal designed phone games. It will also offer MP3 and MP3 playback plus a digital camera and even WAP browsing capabilities. Now the thing is we cannot see this phone working on any other network other than in India. Just to let you know that this phone is NOT made by Samsung.

Anycall 5200 Knocks Off Samsung F520 Do you agree?

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214 thoughts on “Anycall 5200 Knocks Off Samsung F520 Do you agree?”

  1. fizzy says:

    stop hatin samsung wishes it could have a phone as innovative and modern as the anycall but I personally think that the anycall is way more modern and useful. So what if it doesn’t say samsung on it like it’s still the better phone labels shouldn’t be the one’s deciding whether it is

  2. ray says:

    hello i would like to ask anyone who knows about this fone and know where i can get it except canada or states. bcz i am ready to pay watever the amount to have this mobile phone.

  3. Ashraf says:

    I own this phone, seems good, i really don’t know what samsung looks and feel, but its worth to have it, there seems to be some issue with bluetoot and there is no sync tool to outlook and calender, however its good buy if u r not branded minded. reach me out at mdashraff@hotmail.com

    hey dude email me we can certainly look out a way to send u this peace i have couple of these.

  4. haha!! Anycall is the Korean brand for Samsung.. In Korea, Samsung uses the logo, “Anycall” instead of using Samsung…
    those two are the same company lol

  5. mohammed says:

    i have any call 5200+ it is good but how to change its language & its navi gator & does this phone supports 3 d games if does how? please help me out

  6. rohin says:

    However, to download NES games on your Anycall 5200, Do following:

    1. Connect your Phone to the computer.
    2. You will see 2 new drives in your computer. One for Phones internal Memory and one for the flash card inserted into your phone (My phone came with a 512 MB Card).
    3. Now search in both drives the files *.nes
    4. Now you have the folders where your new NES game files can be copied. (In fact, this mobile phone has a NES game emulator and so you can play all NES games like Mario, Contra etc on this phone)
    5. Copy your NES files to the folder that already contains other nes files.
    6. Disconnect from computer and you are done.

    1. If there is no nes file in your both drives of mobile, then you can copy one different NES file in each folder and then can check which NES is available in the phone.
    2. You can download the NES files for your phone from http://romhustler.net/roms/nes/a

    (Keep in mind that this site has some adult stuff, so take care of this)

  7. mark says:

    thanks for that rohin

    but how to i convert videos to mp4 etc

    what settings eg size etc do i use

    just i have tried and the phone says unsupporded format, i could do this with my other phone but wont work on this anycall 5200

    please help many thanks

  8. Ashraf says:

    My phone doesn’t seems to install the driver automatically, it says “USB device Not recognized” i am using WinXP Pro SP2 HP branded desktop, i did tried switched off phone and connecting to PC thru USB cable nor camera or Disk are appears.

    I guess i m missing usbanyka.sys file, if you could anybody send me will be helpful. sent to mdashraff@hotmail.com

    You can do search in http://www.download.com or google for converter from avi/mpeg/dat to mp4 format its really save the MB.

  9. mark says:

    hi Ashraf, i have mp4 software but when i convert a video and put it on my phone it wond play it says unsupported, i have tried changing the setting e.g the video size but still wont work

    any ideas?

    also i have changed the name of the folders on my memory card the folder where my pictures and video go that i have taken with my camera and camcorder can you tell me the real names that were on before because my pics and vid won save when i take them

    many thanks

  10. Ashraf says:

    try this software it works with me AliveMP4Converter.exe do a google or download centre u will find these, get a trail copy which will convert 50% of your existing file, if this works then u may plan to buy or crack its upto u 🙂 there are couple of other software like AplusVideo2mp4all.exe and apex-free-3gp-converter.exe.

    never ever disturb those irritating chinese charcters i really don’t know what are there for but this phone seems to be related to those, well you need the full set of those folders and you need to place them according as it was early, read the blog, i guess someone here has those files, if not i will try to send you those. 🙂

    hope this help

  11. Ashraf says:

    Please read the ROHIN posting on *nes game, it only supports that format as if now.

    You don’t need driver for this phone, please refere to Rohin posting “. Connect your Phone to the computer.
    2. You will see 2 new drives in your computer. One for Phones internal Memory and one for the flash card inserted into your phone (My phone came with a 512 MB Card).”

    if this is not working in your pc try in different pc it will work, sometimes it simply don’t detact.

    you need more information i am online at a_raheel@hotmail.com

  12. Chintan says:

    Hi Friends..
    Blue tooth in my Cell is not working.
    Is there any settings or drivers required for that?
    I need english manual for AnyCall 5200.
    So plz help me out…………

  13. thierry says:

    i bought the anycall 5200+ last week; i think there’s a problem with the recorder, when i played the record my voice seems to be a metal noise. when i used camera to make a movie, that’s the same problem. Do you if it’s a stting problem or an real phone problem?

  14. Arahim says:

    Hi thierry … yes that right ..my phone also have same problem ..with Movie , voice very-very small out from speaker.. .I think
    this phone Have small Mic.

    About Bluetooth ,
    My phone can work with Motorola miniblue, but intermitent sound .., but this phone cannot tranfer /send mp3 or else with bluetooth ..( Hope i’am right )

  15. rohin says:

    Guys downlaod…any video converter 2.0.8 from Katz.cd…cracked version…then choose Mobile phone MPEG-4 under the output profile section of the app interface..Tested 100%
    Cheers all

  16. thierry says:

    thanks arahim, hum i hope it’s a a technical problem. i want to return the phone and use the guarantee.
    i think it isn’t normal, anycall 5200+ sold with recorder must have a good recorder and that ‘s the same thing for video.
    question: for all the owners of telephone 5200+ have you got any problem with the microphone or the sound is it good after having made a small film?
    please answer, i would like to know if if it is similar for all or not….

  17. Ashraf says:

    i too face the same probs, the recording input is really worst, i think there is some issue with it.

    you are right, it does support the bluetooth handsfree (i tried with nokia) but couldn’t find the other device or phone and can not send the file via bluetooth, i think these the fee for replica mobiles. 🙂

    this is not a product of samsung, its replica of samsung mobile built on anyka.com chipset.

  18. Ashraf says:

    I have sent the same, i have one good news, my phone bluetooth detects the motorola headset (handfree) and few models of nokia, but voice very low.

  19. goldy says:

    if anyone want to change ringtone follow this few easy step.
    1) go to “profiles” and
    2) go to “normal” and
    3) and go to “change setting”
    4) and go to “ring setting”
    5) and go to “ordinary call”
    so know you can select any ring you want.


  20. Venkateshwaran says:

    I have a PC with Win XP. My Anycall 5200 device is detected but it says there are no drivers. Please help me where i can get driver for this mobile to connect it with the computer

  21. Miguel says:

    my 5200+ works fine, bluetooth and recording seems to work. no problems.
    they are other phone witch are the same with same logo anycall.like ktech v900/v918,edit, witch are not as good.if u spent less than £130 on the phone.possiabilty u have a diffrent version.

  22. Ashraf says:

    Read the blog and comment attentively you will get the answer how to connect.

    You are saying that bluetoot detects other phones in your mobile? and while recording you have clearity on voice?

    please send me the pic of your phone and if possible all the files in first drive and second drive.

  23. angels21 says:

    does anyone now anything about the nes game mode cuz i followed the instructions to transfer files to phone but does not open do i need to convert the nes file to something else? please help its driving me crazy.

  24. Saurabh says:

    Can any one let me know that does it have a speaker phone……. that is a loud speaker…..

    just got my hands on it and still trying to figure out how to work with it

  25. deep says:

    Hey Ray,

    I fu really wanna use this phone then u can pay me and buy this phone..its just 2 days old..actually i loved the phone but i gotta a same phone as a gift..so need to sell 1 phone..do lemme know if ur intrested…

  26. charlotte says:


    i have the same problem as some of the others where it says “error record empty” for my NES games folder. i have the games in 3 of my other folders but i cant play them.
    if anybody could help me with this it would be fantastic.
    thank you

  27. kalpesh 9322881666 says:

    jabh se mene 5200 liya hai mere dimag ka dahi ho gaya hai, there is more than 10 to 15 problem (1) i have lost my games, i just rename my cheines game folder to english how i can mmget my game again, any one help me? (2) i cant find mp4 converter where can i it? Plz help (3) my phones hearing speaker is not working where i can service it? (4) bluetooth is not working if anyone have some idea plz send me. (5) i want english menu plz send me if anybody have. (6) network coverage and sound clearity is very cheap. (7) no speaker phone. (8) no speed dial (9) where can i found its software. (10)phone memory very low. (11) if anyone have new video clip veg or non veg plz send me (12) if anyone have any new idea about this phone plz send me. Me bahot pareshan ho gaya hu.

  28. pls any one have any mp4 converter link or how to reload GAME and extra game and web link for that i can not hear when i call or incoming call i can not hear but some time when i slid my phone them suddenly hear but voice are too breaking please help me i am very sad i want other software for this phone please contact me on 9322881666/9866691893/9987054152

  29. anne says:

    can anyone help me?seem that my phone cannot connect to my laptop..my lil bro seem to rename one folder but still working..then..when he notice that the folder is unused he delete the folder..since then i cannot connect me laptop to the phone..please help me!!

  30. kerry says:


    the any call 5200 has bluetooth 1.0 not 1.2 which means we can connect to handsfree head sets ect but not other phones (i was disapointed to) i have a english user manual if any one wants me to email it to them, let me know at kerry3984@hotmail.co.uk. Im also having problems conncting the internet on this phone, dnt know the wap settings for o2, if any one has any ideas please e-mail me.

  31. Banix says:

    Hi I just got my Anycall 5200, love the phone. but I don’t like the headphones on the hands free. anyone know where i can get a adapter so that I can connect normal headphones with a standard headphone 3.5mm jack to the phone.

    If anyone needs a english manual sent to them just email me at banix16@hotmail.com

  32. Shorn says:

    it’s a great phone, very powerful, got from ebay, love it, however, could someone send me a copy of English Manual as well. thank you

    My email: kaisong326@msn.com

    Thanks in advance!

  33. Kev says:

    after reading comments from u guys, i decided to buy this phone, its great…
    n i try not to rename those folder to english even though i doesnt know how to read chinese since u guys r complaning it will not respone if changed the folder name,
    i did change the folder name which been plc in my micro sd card n deleted some data cuz i dun think ill be using it…
    n ever since then… i notice i cannot change my wallpaper(main display pic) anymore!!!
    SHIT!!! just the moment i edited a nice nice avril lavigne pic and put in… but cannot set as main display pic… T_T
    not even any other template pic which orginally come with this phone can be set as wallpaper… swt
    n my bluetooth is not responding, i wonder is it only respond on handfree bluetooth???
    n this is the worst, everytime i switch off my phone… n the next moment i on it back… everything back to original templates which i need to change the language to english again, set the time and date… set the incoming call ringtones… haih… this is boring! so i wouldnt dare to off my phone anymore! did any1 experience this kinda problem???
    pls pm me for any solution thru my email,
    thanks in advance

  34. Shorn says:

    kev, try not to rename folder names, one way to solve your problem, delete everything, copy and paste all the folders from a new phone, (ask your seller). It works.

    Overall, i think the phone is worth $300, however, could someone send me English Manual please. Cheerz

  35. Shorn says:

    some suggestions, first back up all files before you decide to change the file names or delete them.
    Second, bluetooth is noly compatiable with motoloa miniblue and some Nokia Bluetooth, seems to be bit picky. Last, avoid to slide to the north east often.

    Someone told me the other day, saying we can download OZ maps and load on this phone, could anyone confirm this? And where we can download them. Thanks

  36. ashley says:

    hi im waiting for my anycall 5200 to come in the post now im worried reading most of them comments lol how much did everyone buy it for and what am i gonna need to know ? can it be set up in english thats the thing im most worried about lol plsssssssssss email me ashes_est87@hotmail.co.uk

  37. Shorn says:

    ashely, yes, it can set up in English Display. The part in chinese are some learning stuffs, you can delete them if you want, but make sure you back up everything, if you rename anything, there is a high probability the phone not gonna work. Recently found out this phone can play some 3D NES game………….so oooooooooooooocoolllllllllllllllll

  38. Sammy says:

    hi, i was wondering if these phone are compatiable in america and would it work on windows Vista. i would really like to get one, but i have to make sure it will work in the US. if i do get one, is there anyway i can translate or turn the phone into enlgish headings. also where can i get anyone of the phone aviable. plz send me an email to pranadevil13@yahoo.com

    -thank you

  39. Marco says:

    Hi, was just wondering if this phone can play PSP games, if so were can i find them?

    Im waitin for mine to come and it sounds like the phone as alot of problemsso getting bit worried.

    Write back, thanks

  40. Sailorsgal says:

    Hi all…have bought the 5200 and got the Japanese manual, which is damned useless, phone is not sending sms messages (here i was thinking my friends were ignoring me!!Lol) and the screen changes to black and white sometimes when i slide it. Would somebody mind sending me the english version, it would be greatly appreciated.

  41. andza says:

    Hello, I have strange behavior with my anycall 5200. Lighting of display are switched off after 2 or 3 s of inactive usage, how can I change this delay? Settings -> Display settings -> Screen Saver Timer is set to 30s, but it blankt very fast.
    And is this possible to change a default volume for video player, because it is much to loud when i am starting player.

  42. Kev says:

    hi shorn,
    thanks for your feedback
    sorry now only i reply u cuz i just receive a notification email few hours ago sayin some1 reply on here.

    i know what happen to my phone… virus!!! shit!
    but when i scan my computer there is no virus… so where d hell is that virus come from???
    damn… now need to send it back to china to reformat n reprograme again…

  43. Kirsty says:


    i got the phone today and when i tried to connect it to the computer it wont work. i saw what someone put about how two new drives should come up but they didnt. i have windows vista, does anyone know how to sort this?

    email me Wotsthtslapythng@aol.com

    thanx if you can

  44. kerry says:

    hi Everyone

    if anyone is interesed in this phone, i have one ebay starting bid is £30 brand new with an extra battery, headset, wall charger, and a instalation and manual cd and usb connector.
    Just type any call 5200 in the search bar on ebay and it will come up.

    thanks for reading


  45. feddon says:

    Hi everyone, i like my 5200+ just wondering if anyone has managed to:
    1) Get sms to type like normal european phones using buttons
    2) Get o2’s wap to work, can input a long enough APN adress
    3) increase volume of your voice when on the phone, everyone i talk to says im really quiet
    4) anyone managed to install any .jar or .sis games?

  46. Mohan says:


    i have brought new anycall 5200 and bymistakly i remaned nes game file folder name to game and now my games r not working. i need help to rename the folder

  47. Mohan says:


    Please send me the .nes ziped file folder without changing name. i have changed the name of game folder and now my games not working

    I highly appreciate it.


  48. Ashraf says:

    Did anybody tried charging the phone thru USB cable? does it charge the batter thru USB cable?

    i have lost my charger to the phone, does anybody has or resource this and send to me, i am in india, Bangalore to be exact.

    guys here should help me!!!

  49. kev says:

    stephan… i think there is only 1 cable been given when u purchase your phone rite…
    thats the cable to be plug into your phone n com…

    i think u need to purchase a charger
    else u wont be able to charge your phone by just using a usb cable.. usb cable is only for file transfer

  50. Banix says:

    Hi I just got my Anycall 5200, love the phone. but I don’t like the headphones on the hands free. anyone know where i can get a adapter so that I can connect normal headphones with a standard headphone 3.5mm jack to the phone.

    If anyone needs a English manual sent to them just email me at banix16@hotmail.com

  51. addy says:

    does anyone have the info as to where to get the muti media settings for the 5200+ im having a hell of a time finding them,oh and who cares who made the phone you can play nes games what a result

  52. addy says:

    does anyone have the info as to where to get the multi media settings for the 5200+ im having a hell of a time finding them,oh and who cares who made the phone you can play nes games what a result

  53. mike says:

    please everyone, i beg you, i just got this phone as a christmas present (lol).. well the phone looks like fun. it was supposed to have an english menu. but i don’t see any english words on the screen.. nor do i see anything in chinese.. matter of fact – all i can see are some ARAB writings… (LOL!!)

    so please, the phone looks really amazing.. can anyone possibly send me an english manual for it ?? please. i beg you. thanks.


  54. Bry says:

    Hi, can somebody send me the english manual for the 5200, its currently in Chinese and i have no idea how to change the language. Until i do i can’t do anything with it 🙁 thanks for your help guys.

  55. Dave says:


    I’ve bought 4 of these phones during december, 1 as a gift, 1 for me and the other 2 to sell on for a bit of profit. Out of these 4, 2 are faulty. One always says low power, even though when i try its battery in my phone it works fine and is fully charged, another says no network even though the sim cards i’ve tried in this phone works in the phone i bought for myself. I would warn anyone against buying these phones. I am currently attempting to exchange the faulty phones with the guy i bought them from on ebay, and him being in hong kong and me UK doesn’t make this easy.

    If you’re gonna buy one only get 1 at a time and keep all the paperwork cos you’ll probably need it!

  56. davethebrush says:

    anycall 5200 games folder compressed to a rar file:


    decompress this file to your pc – the folder names will look like little squares because its in chainese and you probably dont have the chinese font on your pc. I presume you just copy this folder across to the phone and hopefully it will fix the phones with bad games folders

  57. william says:

    hi my name is willaim I want to buy this phone but dman every one is saying that his phone has meny probs so what the hell do I do ??

    and also I live in canada so is there any way to change this cell phone antenna!

  58. josh says:

    i dont agree coz f520 released much erlier in korea ahead of anycall thus proving that they just copy the design,layout of f520.
    no originality..
    -according to my korean friend

  59. where on the internet can i find the ANYCALL 5200 cellphone other than e-bay because they dont have them there. i would really like to know where i can find this phone because i have researched it as far as i can and still im making no progress, and i would also like to know, if purchased will it be capatible with cingular because that is my current carrier? thanks guys, reply here or at my e-mail address provided.

  60. marnoville says:

    Hi Robert
    You can still get this phone on ebay.
    the companys call sale-corner and they list the phone as Free MP3 PDA.
    I paid £77
    Good Luck

  61. william says:

    hi my name is willaim I want to buy this phone but dman every one is saying that his phone has meny probs so what the hell do I do ??

    and also I live in canada so is there any way to change this cell

  62. william says:

    hi my name is willaim I want to buy this phone but dman every one is saying that his phone has meny probs so what the hell do I do ??

    and also I live in canada so is there any way to change this cell antena so it can work with rogers or fido or whatever

  63. john says:

    I Bought The Anycall 5200+ But Broke The Screen 2 Days Later Does Anybody Know Were I Can Get Another Screen If So Please Email Me AT: jpc140193_hotmail.com Please Really Want It In Good Working Order

  64. Ashraf says:

    as you have not mentioned which country or city you are from we are unable to suggest, however you can reach out any street side mobile repaire shop and they would be having the same size screen, most of the Motorala and Samsung is compatible with the same, i did change the same.

  65. hi to all !

    you can buy the brand new anycall 5200+ with
    the new 2008 software at http://www.anycalls.de
    the phones are in germany and we ship world wide!
    the phone incl. big extra stuff !!! costs 250,- euro
    shipping is extra!

    ! 121 Nintendo games saved on phone!
    2 batterys… big extra stuff !
    ! visit us ! www. anycalls.de

  66. Ruggedross says:

    I have the phone and everything works, the blue tooth works great been using it with my mates phones. there was no manual for it but you dont realy need one since you are looking at it all day.

    to turn on blue tooth go to menu -> extra -> BlueTooth -> Power On/Off

  67. varun says:

    hey guys…my comp doesn’t even detect the phone when i connect it?wat cld be d problem?the usb cable goes into the headset groove right?just doesn’t detect.Even if i select USB disk on the phone,it says ‘usb cable not connected’.please help!!

  68. Simon says:

    I have just purchased a KTech V900 phone, meant to be the next step up from the 5200. Coming from HongKongToy, does anyone know if this is likely to be a cheap knock off or the real deal. After reading these comments I am a bit worried now

  69. opal says:


    thats an english manual now could any one help me i have had the phone for 1 day and it wont charge ive pluged it in o the phone but it doesent do what its ment to (have a going up battery) mine justs turns off! the phone came with a little power box thing were you put hebattery in it and charge the battery but that doesent do enything either!!!! what can i do does any one no how to help me???
    thx XXX

  70. Hey, Guys! All ppl are having the same prblm,i.e. bluetooth is not working. I am also having the same problem. But I hav deleted the map files from my phone.can anybody transfer them to my mail id:loneyachit@hotmail.com. I wd b so gr8ful to all of u. I hav also the mp4 conversion software and the software to reduce the bitrate for mp3 files. so do contact me for these softwares. n plz forward map files to my mail.thanx a lot for ur support.

  71. The next prblm is that. to charge the battery from handset itself, it needs abt 4 hrs to complete. n frm desktop charger it needs abt 5 hrs.can anyone know about buying accesories of ANYCALL 5200+ from which site?Hope 2 hear u frm soooooooooon. thanx.

  72. Simon says:

    My phone really started playing up. I only had it a month, the touch screen stopped working when slid in game mode, the batteries would only last a day, i felt I was charging up everyday. The Screen then started to Flicker in game mode, a screw fell out.

    Bluetooth though was ok, I could use my plantronics headset with it, I could send and receive pictures.

    Anyway i contacted the place i brought it from and kicked up a huge fuss, after a few e-mails they finally agreed to refund me.

  73. uto says:

    Hi,i juz bought the 5200..can u help me?

    1. What type of memory card it use?Is it Micro SD?
    2. Where can i get these games?
    “Bomberman,Contra,Donkey Kong,Mario,Mortal Combat,Pacman,Sonic,Street Fighter,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle,Tekken and WWF”
    since these specific titles are ESA protected as stated in romhustlers.net


  74. john says:

    Check all you people i just bought this phone it is amazing my mate had the samsung 1 thats looks a bit like it and he even said this is well better i jus bought it for £80 brand new and its mint.

  75. Timmy says:

    every1 beware do not buy the phone as it is crap i bought one and it broke in 2 days the touch screen doesnt work properly the bluetooth dnt even work and it snapped in half wen i droped it on my CARPET!!! it is a cheap chinese ripoff so i wuld like to say DONT BUY THE DAMN PHONE!!!!!

  76. Timmy says:

    hi nick
    the phone is gay u shuldnt hav bought it but yes it
    works on all aussie network but the pin it is asking 4 is ur sim pin which can b found on the paper work u had got wen u got the sim card but i am warning u that the phone is crap it is a cheap chinese ripoff


  77. Nick says:

    i dont hav a pin that i no about so i tried my account pin but that but it didn’t work but when i used a friends telstra card it worked straight away as i said I dont need a pin on my old/current phone ill try contacting 3 thanks for your help

  78. Franco says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve recently got this cellphone : KTECH V900.

    Can someone please tell me where on the Internet I can download the product manual?

    Can someone give me the website of the manufacturer of this cellphone?

    E-mail : frabov1976@yahoo.fr

    Thanks a lot in advance.


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