BEBO Exclusive Access on Irish Mobile Phones

BEBO are planning to offer all mobile phone users in Ireland an Irish mobile operator exclusive deal, there are 1.1 million Bebo users alone in Ireland so what better way than to give them the social community network on their mobile phones. It is said that 92% of Bebo users in Ireland are under 35, and as you mix Bebo and a mobile phone together this could mean a massive climb for both parties.

Sarah Gavin who is Bebo’s communications director said “We hope to announce something in the next month or two. We will definitely be working with an Irish operator, but we have yet to determine who that will be.” BEBO signed up with mega operator Orange back in March, so with Orange and Bebo together will allow mobile users to edit their Bebo profiles via their mobile handset and even update their blogs, communicate with friends and read their main in their inbox.

We can see this partnership being a major success; do you think this will be massive for the mobile phone user?


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