New Touch Message Technology: Bluetooth is thing of the past

It is looking like Bluetooth and Infrared are going to be a thing of the past at this rate, ok maybe not because we all know Bluetooth will always be around, but with this new technology you have to wonder. There is a brand new wave of technology called Touch Message which is a new tech for mobile phones.

Touch Message uses the Felica chip for transferring content, Felica is a RFID chip embedded in a mobile phone which basically lets you use your phone as a credit card. You can transmit text messages, images, and profiles and much more wirelessly to other Felica equipped phones. The only downside is that you cannot download/transfer copyrighted material, Flash files or BMP format. This new technology the 2nd generation Felica chips should be on the market by spring 2007 and will support speeds of up to 424 kbps.

Phones Review Say: This is great technology, the problem is and many people will ask this “Will kids be able to make purchases via their mobile phones. There has to be an age limit or some sort of block.

Source — New Launches

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