Phone Help: Ask Questions & Get Answers Corner

We want to start a whole new section off on Phones Review, but we cannot do this without you. The idea behind this is for you to come to the New HELP section where you can do a number of things. Maybe you have a question about your phone and it can be any question being it, you’re having problems, hacks, video downloads, basically anything you wish to ask.

Not only is this about you asking for help, we also would like you to give us any information on your phone, news, updates which could help other readers. If you want help and want answers or you have information for us then please use our contact form (the link is below).

Once you have sent us information via the contact form we will read them all and then post them on Phones Review.



One thought on “Phone Help: Ask Questions & Get Answers Corner”

  1. teena says:

    i have a nokia mobile phone and i can’t call people i can only recieve calls i think it might have changed to a second line. when i try to call “Call not allowed” pops up please help me.

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