Nokia N95 Help: Video Downloads from Metacafe

So you have the Nokia N95 and you have played around with it, but now you would like to have some video clips on there but do not know how to do it. Well we here at Phones Review can help you on this. Metacafe is a very good place to start seeing as YouTube have not got it yet.

Here is how to get videos onto your Nokia N95 —
– Click the “Producer Rewards” Tab
– Now scroll/search for a video
– Under the video window you will see a button saying “Nokia” Click this
– Follow instructions (So Easy)

Requires Nokia Video Manager 1.5 or newer

When you click download you will see this —
You can download this video and watch it on your Nokia phone with Nokia Video Manager 1.5.
Please indicate if the Nokia Video Manager is installed on your pc:
Yes, I have installed the Nokia Video Manager 1.5 (or higher)
No, take me to Nokia web site to download the Nokia Video Manager

Then just hit the continue button.


3 thoughts on “Nokia N95 Help: Video Downloads from Metacafe”

  1. Juliin says:

    Thats not the only thing N95 does. See its camera!!! firmaware is very much the same as n91 also With the N95 Nokia proves once again that they know how to make beautiful and elegant phones. And when the beauty comes together with power and functionality – do we need anything else? you can find 100 ofits applications on Youpark.com

  2. hom says:

    HELP PLEASE . I cannot for the life of me download videos from metacafe for my N95 phone …. even with the idiot guide supplied . Where oh where is the ‘ producers rewards ‘ tab on the website ?

  3. denise betton says:

    very good a lot of help but i am having trouble playing downloaded vids on my phone could you please tell me how i would find out if my phone has
    nokia video manager 1.5 thanks denise

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