More Exclusive News on BT PSP Video & Voice Calls

Yesterday we posted some news on the video and voice calls on the PSP, well following that great news we have learned that BT has confirmed that United Kingdom will be the first country to have this great NEW service, other European countries will get this service soon after. This new VoIP service between BT and the Playstation PSP is ground breaking stuff for mobile PSP gamers.

This amazing BT Play Station deal will last for four years, it is looking like that this stunning BT service will use the Sony PSP “Go Cam” which is shown above, and this new Cam is out tomorrow (25th May 2007) for around about £34.99 which means you can use for video calls. BT is looking into extending the PSP service with existing BT Broadband video and their voice systems.

Will you use this new BT PSP service?

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