Sony Ericsson W52S is better than the iPhone

Sorry to say this, but the Sony Ericsson W52S seems to be more of a favourite to us than the crappy old iPhone and we say OLD because the iPhone is old news now. Even thou we have not got the iPhone yet because it has been published over and over and over again we are bored. This is where the new and bold comes into play; the all new Sony Ericsson W52S looks bloody good.

Sony Ericsson W52S

Little bit peed off that the W52S is for you in Japan only of which guess we have to wait ages and ages before it comes to us in the UK and the U.S but it will be worth the wait, that is of course it does come over here. The Sony Ericsson W52S is a Walkman slider phone with a design that looks stunning and with specs like a 2GB of built in memory, 2GB more through a microSD slot, extra high capacity batter producing 100 hours, large 2.7-inch screen provides a widescreen display and a 2-megapixel camera at the back plus a front camera provide photos and videos seems like we are getting somewhere finally in the category of cool phones.

Sony Ericsson W52S

Fingers crossed Phones Review readers it comes here, get the comments rolling in if you want the Sony Ericsson W52S, you never know they might see this sort of petition and we might get some good luck.

Sony Ericsson W52S


42 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson W52S is better than the iPhone”

  1. I have this SE W550i and i have been using it for a year now. So one thing is clear to me of the quality of SE phones. The only problem with my phone is it’s memory which is only 256MB.

    The W52S looks cool.It has more than sufficient memory. Has a wide screen. CONS ANY? Is it too big?
    I wanna know how much time it’s gonna take for this phone to be launched in the U.K.
    I can’t wait a lot. I desperately need a new cell. But to me W52S looks promising. So unfortunately I’ll have to wait.

  2. Heres some more information about the cell-phone:

    Specifications of the Sony Ericsson W52S are:
    # 2.7-inch liquid crystal display (240×432 pixels)
    # Size: 108mm x 57mm x 22mm
    # Weight: 130 grams
    # 230 minutes calling time
    # 270 hours standby
    # Clear Audio Technology sound
    # One-handed playback and volume control
    # DBEX sound improvement function
    # MicroSD card slot for M2 memory stick

    The Sony Ericsson W52S phone is expected in the market by mid June and its approximate cost will be ¥25,000 i.e. €153.935 i.e. US$206.640

  3. Kook says:

    Here is some important information regarding the music capability (I’ve had mine for about 3 days now). True to Sony nature, it is locked down and proprietary.

    *the only way to put music on it is through Sony’s interface program. You can connect as USB mass storage and drop files on it, but these will not be playable or accessible by the phone itself.

    *the only format it plays is ATRAC. You *can* use AAC or WMA (no MP3!!!) but during the phone interface, they are converted and further compressed.

    *that said, the sound is reasonable (for the ultra compressed bitrate), but I doubt it comes anywhere near the quality of what I suspect the iPhone will be.

    I feel that Sony slightly missed the mark again. If they would have made this work with native formats and allowed you to interface through generic players or even the USB mass storage, it would have been a huge winner.

  4. Francklin says:

    If I buy the sony ericsson w52s in japan can i use it with my chip from cingular here in states ?
    and question no. 2 :
    *the only way to put music on it is through Sony’s interface program….what does this mean ?
    best regards

  5. alo says:

    sorry to say guys but his phone is for japan only.It aint coming. They are separate from the SE in the UK and states. None of the Japanese phone ever come. The japanese are like 1.5 years ahead of our tech.
    Beautiful phone tho. i guess we’ll just have to wait for equivalent to show up in like a year.
    Also the phones are locked as they are specifically made for a provider(like the iphone) so theres not much use of buying one if it cant do anything

  6. check out

    I have been covering aspects of the 42S for 6 months or so, and am now starting a blog for the W52S. There are in fact two ways to easilly get music onto the phone. The 52 is even more convienient. Granted, you cant just drop it into the folder from USB, but the process is not hard.

    I hope these sites will be usefull to English users of either phone.

  7. w52s 0wnEr says:

    i own a w52s and to tell u the truth the phone is not bad at all… superb loading time even with the 2Gb memory almost full, slick design and excellent digital camera at ur disposal. but the only downfall of this phone is its music restriction… cant play mp3 files and if you want to really utilize its own player u have to download music thru the AU website via EZweb. =( and believe me it costs a lot just to download a single file.

  8. Ken says:

    Hi w52s 0wnEr,
    I have a W52S too! I use SonicStage to transfer my MP3 to the phone, guess it’s convert it to Atrac3, but it works.
    The only thing is the lag when you’re looking for a song in the phone, specially when you have a lot in it.
    Anyway if you use more than 5000yens in EZweb (depending on your plan) automatically it becomes unlimited download. You can download anything you want. Just be careful with PC Browser, for that you have to pay something extra.

    Besides that, about the phone; I feel that is very flexible. At least for me, knowing a little bit about programing.
    I already made my own wallpaper using Flash Lite, with a clock as iPhone plus I put the seconds digits too. Made the menu that looks like the iPhone one and made my own ringtones too.
    Since is not touch pad is funny make everybody think that is a iPhone and make them touch the buttons on the screen.
    I made the test with the FM transmitter and it works perfectly, even you can chose the station to transmit!

  9. Martin says:

    Hi W52s OwnEr and Ken,
    I just bought the phone but I am having so much trouble how to put my music on. I rang sony this morning and they said with an English O/S, it is impossible to get a song on there. That’s alot Sony for telling me. This afternoon I bought the M2 and an adapter. I manually put songs on but it doesn’t reckonize the format. I am very cranky. I have XP Professional Bio English O/S. What can I do? Where can I look? Cheers

  10. Ken says:

    Hi Martin,
    I have my Windows XP in English and I have no problems putting the songs. Actually I bought Image ready (for converting the videos) Japanese version and when I installed was all in English. (recognized the OS language). So is not the language.
    I use a Memory Stick reader (MSAC-US40) with the DUO to M2 adapter and transfer the songs using the Sonic Stage 3.2 with no problems. Default configuration (Atrac3plus 64kbps).
    Remember to transfer the songs directly using the Sonic Stage. If you convert the song, save it in the hard disk and then transfer to the M2 it would not work.
    Good luck!

  11. Martin says:

    That’s great. Image ready? What is this? I do have a lot of Video clips also.
    I have a M2. So after knowing what “Image Ready” is, your saying to use SonicStage to the adapter. The thing is the SonicStage says that the songs can only play with “Memory Stick PRO”.
    Also I am not too sure about Default configuration (Atrac3plus 64kbps). I have no idea.

  12. Ken says:

    You can hear music and watch videos on the phone. With Sonic Stage you can transfer music, and with Image Converter you can transfer videos.
    If your Memory Stick M2 is Sony you shouldn’t have any problems.
    You can connect the M2 to the PC with an adapter or just using the phone and the USB cable that came with it.
    After connecting the M2 to the PC and open SonicStage, press Transfer button, select your the M2, and then transfer your music directly to the memory.
    If you don’t know about the audio format and you haven’t changed any configuration leave as it.
    For videos is the same but using Image Converter 3. This software doesn’t come with the phone so you have to buy it. They sell it only online on Sony’s web site. It’s 2100Yen son is not so expensive.
    The best video format for the W52S is AVC, 384kpbs / 15fps, 16:9, Stereo.
    Good luck!

  13. Im a firm believer in “nothing extra to buy.” Sony wants to get your cash, but the truth is, you dont need to buy any extra gear or software to get all of the features out of your phone. (well, you NEED to buy a mem card to load video, but you DONT need to buy an expenive M2 card!!!)

    Check out my blog site for tutorials on
    1: installing AMP on an English PC,
    2: loading your music for free (no .mp3, just .wma,.wav an .m4a Im afraid).
    3: getting a FREE version of Sonic Stage to work with your phone, and thus you can load MP3!!!! (if you buy an M2 card)
    4: loading Movies and documents to be viewable.
    5: more tutorials to come!


  14. Martin says:


    When I transfer (even though on SonicStage it says it will play only with “Memory Stick Pro”), when you look at “External Memory” on the keitai, the songs are there and the logo is there from Sonic Stage. However, when you press play this is what it says, “Cannot play Forward ATRAC3 data or ATRAC3PLUS data.”

    Any suggestions?


  15. Martin says:

    mre and ken
    I decided to properly look at the “http://w42s.blogspot.com/2007/06/font-toggleing-to-install-aumusicport.html” site.
    Ok, I have chaged my PC to be “JAPANESE” and now AU Music Port does work! Everything works.
    Still, if you can find another way, so I don’t have to toogle all the time, that would be great.
    Thank you!

  16. alain says:

    the error messageislinked to the conversion settings.
    you need to force the conversion to ATRAC3 format… you can use the conversion format button in-between the library and the memory stick lists display. the second choice forces it and the content can then be played with no issue. hope it helps.

  17. steve says:

    I just got the w52s and have gotten just about everything working as i want it. My only problem with it is not being able to convert my own music files to use as ringtones. Not interested in paying the insane 315+ yen to download chaku-uta full files. Not to mention the horrible selection of pap they have available. Anyone have a solution to this?

  18. steve says:

    Thanks. I used to do the same to put ringtones on my old vodaphone ketai. This doesn’t seem to work though on the W52s. I’m unable to assign the file as a ringtone. From what I understand, the phone DRM locks out any sound files received via email from being used as a ringtone. I’m looking for a way to convert a sound file so the phone will read it as a 着うたフル(chaku-uta full) file and load it either directly to the phone or via the sd card and make use of it that way.

    Thanks for your help though.

  19. Martin,
    I haven’t written up a proper doc yet, but If you look on my site (as well as the site for the W42S), you will find my partial translation files of AMP. The install document is MOSTLY correct. See, the version of the primary file (auMusicPort.exe) is important. My translations are on an older version of this file, and it wont work. So, if you have the latest AMP, then install the OTHER files in the package as normal, but skip copying over the translated auMusicPort.exe file. Instead, keep your original.
    Many features are thus not translated. They will show up as japanese. Or, if you disable Japanese in the Non-Unicode settings of regional settings, they will show up as question marks.

  20. elias says:

    so i just got this phone today (note i live in japan) and its awesome the only down side is that its all in japanese , thats cool if you know japanese but i dont ….

  21. Steve says:

    Hi guys, I got this phone on Monday. I already had Sonic Stage installed and I figured I’d try to download songs to the phone–I only had a microSD card in it and thought it wouldn’t work but it did! Straight into the phone in the ATRAC memory. Figured out how to get videos on it too–best fone I’ve had since I arrived in Japan 5 years ago. I can get vids from YouTube onto my fone–woohoo. Have to say a big thanks to the guy who left the link to the w52s blog–that’s how I learnt how to get the videos on it.

  22. I just got one of these, seems not bad, has any one worked out how to put custom ringtones on it, or applications/custom menus etc?

    I managed to send music to it just by installing Sonic Stage and sending to the device, no need for external memory…


  23. Martin says:

    It’s Martin again.

    Yes, I did “change” my PC to Japanese under Regional and Language. And it “did” work.

    The question I have is, I have over 12,000 songs and my understanding is the songs have to be original. My problem is most of the songs that did come up and transfer through au Music Port were ones that people gave me and I burned them to my PC. What determines whether or not a song is orginal. I have over 12,000 song but only say 50 songs picked up on au Music Port.


  24. Vicky says:

    Hi Dear friends, I had bought the w52s phone in Japan and I am in Japan now. Company gave me a CD with the phone when I wanted to download on my Laptop ( my laptop is both in Japanese and English )after downloading maximum of its part, a small message window appears that it has not understood the language and download process stopped. I could not download it for many months and I could not use this phone for music purpose for which I had bought this phone. Please guide me if possible on this email.. godisgod1@rediffmail.com

  25. Vicky says:

    Someone replied me on my email that I should go to http://w52s.blogspot.com/ for any query.
    And this page shows that

    1: Download and install Sonic Stage from: http://sonicstage.connect.com/SS-US.zip
    (unzip, run the install file. follow directions.. easy)
    2: Insert your W52S CD.

    I could not download Sonic Stage from aforesaid page also. Do i have to pay money to get “winzip” software and then I can download sonic stage and unzip files ? Because message is coming, my time has expired to use winzip evaluation version.
    what to do now ? Because if I cant pass first step…how to go to next step…

  26. Lucy says:

    Hi, I really want one of these phones!!

    But I don’t know if it works in the uk, London.

    And what phone sim cards you can use, e.g. o2, 3, orange.

    If you know if it works in the uk(london) and if you can use o2 (or any others) please let me know!

    And how much is it? in pounds(£)?

  27. jose says:

    hola amigos tengo el w52s mi problema es que cuando pongo el instalador sale que no reconoce el idioma le cambie a japones pero sigue igual en mi pc y eso que es core 2 duo pentium4, si alguien pudiera decirme como hacerlo lo agardeceria ya que necesito poner archivos de word y exel en el gracias de ante mano

  28. guman says:

    para pasar musica del pc al movil,instalar sonic stage en version ingles,con google lo encuentran facil.la musica en el pc debera ser convertida con el programa a un formato k el movil entiende,no se pueden usar mp3 de forma directa!no intenten instalar desde el cd por k en algunas versionde de windows no es aceptada,para pasar videos es igual bajarse de la mula image converter1.0 esta en japones,pero se entiende perfecto a la idea de como usarse!
    to translate.menu-func/settings-screen-(under font size coming bilingual writen in katakana)just push!!
    if some body wants i have a program can translate in correct japanese scripts any japanese unsoported program by windows!just mail me!
    how i can use any music in the cellular as a ringtone ?
    i have a full 512mb of music and i hate the ringtones preinstalled!

  29. guman says:

    unnistall winzip (its a piece of junk)install winrar and continue decompressing the file!
    if winrar expire no problem u can use 4 all ur life just u get always a advice about ur WR time is over..but u can use witout problems….
    mail me if u need help!

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