Second Life: Let all your 2nd Lifer friends know about Phones Review

Phones Review wants to get the word out to all Second Lifers, we are very popular on the web with many more visitors coming everyday, but we know with you all in Second Life we could become even more popular. The more well know we become the more of a benefit it is too other readers, and the reason for this is because the more people that visit and search on our site we know what you are searching for, this will enable us to review what you search. It is our readers that keep us going and with many more we could become the best on the net.

If you are in the popular community Second Life and have many friends we would love for you to let everyone know about phones review. We here at Phones Review are thinking about renting or buying land in Second Life where many different things will happen to encourage you to visit, like for example clubs, office with reception where you can ask us for help about you phones and more, great music. We will have a complete Phones Review Community where fun is in mind.

We do not know a lot about building and setting up in Second Life so will be looking for someone to help us build and incorporate all this in 2nd Life, if you are interested in setting this up for us then please give us a rough estimate how much things will cost there and what ideas you have.

We have noticed many big named companies such as Reuters and many more already establish in Second Life World, and this is what we intend to do. We want to expand in real life and in second life.

Please place all your comments in the area below, let’s make this happen, you can also contact Chubbster Loon in Second Life.

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