New T-Mobile@Home Launching June 27th 2007

There are many new things happening and they are always under BETA testing, and one of the longest BETA periods was T-Mobile, but at last they are finally hitting the finish line. T-Mobile are launching their UMA service next week, we are not 100% sure on the launch date of June 27th 2007. Boy Genius Report say that the new T-Mobile@Home is launching Wednesday 27th June 2007 where TV adverts for the T-Mobile@Home will be launching the same day.

T-Mobile are apparently going to be having a competition/contest beginning around July in eleven major markets, and they will be giving away some fantastic prices such as a free phone, full year of service to the first 100 customers in select stores and a router. Read the full story below in a part one and part two series.

Boy Genius Report — Part One

Boy Genius Report — Part Two

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