New Samsung F210 Music Phone looks like the X830

The sexy looking slim Samsung SGH-F210 looks a lot like the Samsung X830 but this one is better, the Samsung F210 is a multimedia music player that has a cool 1GB of built in memory plus an additional micro SD card slot support. Love it yet? Hate it yet? This up coming mobile music phone has a metallic dial pad and the navigational buttons and dial pad are apparently very nice to use. (Let us be the judge of that). View some amazing deals HERE.

Samsung F210 Main Pic

Samsung SGH-F210 Key Specifications —
– GPRS Class 10
– Tri-Band (900/1800/1900)
– 2 Mega pixel Camera plus MPEG4/H.263
– 1.46 Inch LCD TFT Display – 262K Color (128 x 220)
– 87.7 x 30.9 x 20.4 mm
– Background Music Play
– Music Library 3D Sound Effect
– WMDRM / MTP & Music Recognition
– 1GB Memory plus up to 2 GB micro SD
– Bluetooth 2.0
– USB 2.0 (High Speed)
– JAVA (Embedded Game Only) / MMS/WAP 2.0

UPDATE – For amazing deals on the Samsung F210 please visit HERE

Samsung F210 Pic 1

Samsung F210 Pic 2

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75 thoughts on “New Samsung F210 Music Phone looks like the X830”

  1. dani says:

    ive got the x830 and its a really good phone!
    i was just wondering if any one could tell me where i can get the f210 and how much it would cost roughly on pay as you go?1

  2. tori says:

    hi im getting a new phone 4 my birthday in noverber i currntley hav the motarola v20 pink which i really crap so ive looked at millions of phones and im stuck i luvthe d900i-candy wich is the d900 in real pink or the samsung x830 but then i found the f210 now im really stuck can sum 1help please if u do i will be so greatful

  3. Jo says:

    I absolutely LOVE this phone and would love to get my hands on it as soon as possible. How much does this phone cost and where and when would i be able to get it?

  4. In Holland, it will be available this week or next week. I suppose that will be the same in your country.
    Anyone who’s already seen it in the shop? I only can find it in internet shops who tell it’s available from week 39.

  5. Jewels says:


    Can you tell me where i can get it from i have been waiting all month….I want it in Pink but Orange said they dont have it in there stores yet…
    On pay as u go….

  6. torri says:


    ucan get it from phones 4 u and o2 in pink and purple very soon on pay as u go it will definetly be out on pay as u go befor christmas hope this helped
    ps orange\ will have them then 2 xx

  7. rachael says:

    great phone loads of memory got it on sunday and its going back on saturday. my battery only lasts me one day or one and a half then goes dead a charged as advised for 16 hours but still. a cant hear it ring either it isnt very loud and the reception on it for me is rubbish.

  8. paige says:

    hi peeps
    i wondered if the f210 is a great phone i cants find any colours for the f210 than black can u give me a website with the colours of the f210 plz ty

  9. TORRI says:


  10. zoe says:

    i have this phone… its a great one . i got it a few days ago nd god i wont put it down .. theres so much 2 do on there .. nd it hold loads of songs .. tho ive got anover memory care but nothing on it yet lol, its holds loads ! the screen is small but a brilliant little phone. i recoment it 2 any1 and everyone !!

  11. 8£CkY says:

    The F210 is out now! however the pink one is only available on orange and you can only purchase the purple one from phones 4 U! the balck one is available in most phone stores

  12. spencer says:

    i bought my samsung F210 for 120 from vodafone in ashford kent. It usually ranges from 100 to 150 but its a brilliant phone with loads of tools. Love it lol

  13. emma says:

    hiya i can only find the black and the blue one but not the pink one because i asked for it at the shop and they said it was not any good because it is a swivel phone and they break easily!
    But i am thinking about getting the black one!
    But i really want the PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. charlotte says:

    hey guys my m8 has jus brought that phone she reckons its great, it cost her £130 and she brought hers from 02 bt i knw that you can get in any good phone shops as i have seen it!
    hope that helps

  15. charlotte says:

    hey guys mym8s just brought this she absolutely adores it and im quite jealous myself lol!
    It costs around £130 from all phones shops.
    Hope that was some help

  16. MB says:

    Got the Samsung F210 as a replacement for my aging Ericsson T39m. Carphone Warehouse only had metallic blue in stock, although I wanted black, it might as well be black, as it has the barest hint of a very dark metallic blue to it in bright light.

    I had wanted a clamshell phone so that I didn’t have to lock/unlock the keypad, but getting hold of a replacement Sony Ericsson Clamshell at the moment (Nov 07), with the features I wanted has proven to be next to impossible.

    I had dismissed this Samsung swivel phone as an alternative, just assuming that it would be too awkward to open/close. However after trying it at a shop, it’s one-handed spring-loaded opening action is really slick.

    It’s a well constructed little phone, which feel’s really solid. Key pad button size and layout is also very good despite its tiny size. Menu’s are intuitive. I might use the camera and music player occasionally, but that’s not why I got the phone. I selected it for it’s small size, the ability to protect the keypad and terminate calls by just swivelling it shut.

    Like other’s I find the music player coming on when you close the phone as slightly confusing, with no ability to permanently turn this feature off, I think that’s a design mistake and could put many people off the phone. I also think the ring-tone sound level is very quiet compared to my T39m, I doubt it’s going to wake me up in the middle of the night, or that I would hear it when watching a film at home. The life of the battery seems fine to me – despite its tiny size, but then I’ve been used to charging my T39m every night.

    It’s paired with a Jabra BT2020 headset, and with a Parrot 3000 Evolution Car Kit, and works seamlessly with both. Although beware, the F210 doesn’t seem to support the Voice Recognition features of the Parrot 3000 Evo. It can’t even redial the last number called. However basic answering and hanging-up is seamless.

    The phone comes with a USB lead and Samsung PC software which is very good, I was able to clean up and update my phone book in a few minutes, and download it all to the phone in seconds.

    In summary I like it, and it seems so does everybody who as seen it so far.

  17. ani says:

    Hey was wandering if anyone that has the F210 can tell me if you can get the normal screen and not the MP3 player when closed bacuase I have gone through every function and cannot get rid of the music player screen when the phone is closed. It can be annoyign as i have to open the phone to see if i have any missed callss or messages.

  18. emma says:

    Just got this phone for christams and I love it! It’s so small and tidy. Unfortunately you cannot get rid of the mp3 closed screen but it only takes half a second to swivel it open so it is nothing to complain about. Battery life… I do not know why people complain about it. If you keep opening and closing it then no wonder! But I have hhad mine on one charge yesterday morning ( christmas day! ) and it is still playing strong now with 2 bars of battery left! The volume is fine, it depends on the volume of the MP3 used as the ringtone because some are alot louder than others. Very easy to navigate this phone, instructions haven’t even been out yet as usual.
    Overall an amazing phone, very pleased, recommend to anyone!

  19. i love this phone i have it in purple from phones 4 u lol its so cool i got it on the 2nd of january and i apsolutely luv it.
    i got it from lakeside and it cost £125 i have(had)
    300 free txt and 20 pound credit!!!

    its like a dream come true!!!

  20. Elle says:

    I have read that to you can get the MP3 screen off when the phone is closed by going to settings and then going to security – it was on a review of the F210 on http://www.gsmarena.com, can’t vouch for this claim as still deciding which phone to get but I hope this info is correct and useful.

  21. molly says:

    this fone is rubbish dont get it get a better one its to small so everythig on it is tiny so you can hardly read it battery life is poo and you carnt get the mp3 of the screen when you close it trust me get a different phone x

  22. georgia says:

    Dont listen to what anyone says this fone is brilliant they only say its rubbish cause they want to be the only one with it!! ive had mine for ages now and i can tell you there has been no problems with it what so ever, the useage is great and the battery life lasts for ages and yes there is a way of turning of the mp3 player off the screen and that is by going into settings!! and the sound is brilliant too!
    you can buy them off the internet from 02 for £99.99- free delivery pay as you go, although you dont get any airtime money on it!

    i hope this was useful!!

  23. Ashlee says:


  24. says: says: says: says: says: says:

    Even though it acts as an mp3 player, when you use it as a phone the screen is WAY TOO SMALL! My mp3 has a screen the size of that phone. Samsung, get a grip!

  25. o0-aaron-0o says:

    hey do u guys know when it will come out in new zealand… cause im waitin 4 in…. nd cant wait and longer… lol it looks nd sounds so awesome…

    thanx 😀 (plz rply)

  26. Hayley says:

    Apparently the camera is rubbish. is this true ? because my phone now is 1.3 mp and has black and white, sebia stuff like that effects. and i was wondering whether it wld have it on there. also is the screen really hard 2 see because it is so small. ? please help . xx

  27. Katie says:

    yeah i have this phone
    cameras shit cos the screens so small
    its soo low the sounds really bad on it
    i have had it for 3 months propa hate it
    gettin a new phone next week
    this depresses me cnt find it nower too small also

  28. Katie says:

    yeah i have this phone
    cameras shit cos the screens so small
    its soo low the sounds really bad on it
    i have had it for 3 months propa hate it
    gettin a new phone next week
    this depresses me cnt find it nower too small also
    wouldnt reccomend it to no1 unless i hated u haa

  29. 07979004289 says:


    does anyone actually know if you can turn off the mp3 player when the phones is shut?…really dont like it! phones great but with the blush u cud turn it off…so dont undestand why the upgrade does not

  30. natalia says:


    To all those of u who are asking about the mp3 player being turned off. if you go to Settings and then Privacy, you can create a password for the phone. Once you have given a password, when u close the phone it will no longer show ur mp3. I got this phone today and love it. the style everything. The only bad thing is about setting a code for ur mp3 not coming on, well every time u want to use ur phone u have to key in the number u have chosen. But I like it this way as i dont want to keep seeing the mp3 player and its good to key in a code which means if somebody getsa hold of ur phone u dont want them to look at ur texts or somethin,g then they wont be able to!! WINNER!!

  31. Shazzy'Ox says:

    Hi Got This phone for christmas liked it at first den hated it, all of my ova friends have reallly good ones were the sounds all loud, goood themes, can actually send music unlike my phone doesnt!
    Want to get the W58iO in Red!!
    Its Bout £100

    Dont get the phone screen to small, low sound and doesnt send music properly.

  32. 7845732 says:

    I had dis ph. from last 3 mths……..
    its a gr8 ……. added some more beauties to my list ….
    u can put PRIVACY LOCK to avoid MP3 Player.
    Settings > Security > Privacy Lock > My Files (Select/Check)
    > Save > Enter Password (U can Put the Numbers of ur Choice – B4 dat u can check d default password in Owners Manual)

    It realy works ………….

    When u close Swivel … u will find “Enter Password” on screen …. but dont worry ….

    as you swivel the screen shut when the password comes on screen you can press the back button on the keypad and the password prompt will dissapear leaving you with your full screen background screen.

  33. judy says:

    hi the music player thats on the front screen when the phe is closed wont come of how do i get it of please to either a screen saver or something else thankyou

  34. tahira says:

    i just brought the F210 off ebay. its ok.. i had the x830, i prefere that because the music swivel thing is soooo annoying!!!! and also putting in password is annoying aswell.

    Is there any way i can disable the whole swivel music thing at all? if that can be done then ill be a very happy person! please reply back.

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