The Slim Samsung X830 MP3 Music Phone

This is the sexy and very stylish Samsung X830 and the reason it is so sexy is because not only is it a slider phone it is also a swivel one cool ah. This phone is pretty similar to the Korean Version called the SPH-S4300, the Samsung X830 mobile phone will come with 82MB of internal memory even thou the Korean version has 1GB but hey who cares the phone is sexy.

You get a 1.3 megapixel camera plus the mobile phone supports MP3, WMA, OGG, SMP and DCF formats, the 128 x 220 pixels LCD screen is very sexy and is very nice in the size department not too big and definitely not to small. This is a fantastic MP3 player as well.

The other cool feature of this phone is the styling for example the keypad is in rows of 2 instead of the normal boring 3. The phone weighs only 74 grams and the size is 85 x 29 x 20 mm.

Other features are Bluetooth and USB 2.0 plus this mobile phone comes in Black, White, Orange and Pink

We have heard through the grapevine that the Samsung X830 should be available as from October 2006.

You can either buy the Samsung X830 on contract or pay as you go at The Carphone Warehouse check out the great deals below –

Samsung X830 Pay Monthly Contract Deals
Samsung X830 Pay As You Go DealsSamsung X830


59 thoughts on “The Slim Samsung X830 MP3 Music Phone”

  1. Sam says:

    i friend of mine got this for her birthday.

    she got it at the weekend but on thursday the next week she dropped it and the swivvel bit broke off!

    she got a new one though and it was insured but be careful as it broke pretty easily!

  2. matty says:

    hiya sam, i seen the phone in phones4u earlier 2day, cnt remember how much tho m8, i well want 1 tho!!!

  3. louise says:

    i have searched the net 4 this phone on pay as you go and the only place you can get it without a contract is ebay but you will pay a fortune 4 it ive read the phone should be 185.00 but you pay about 275.00 on ebay so it depends how much you want the phone it is georgous i just wish they would stop bringing new pink phones out so regular as i fall 4 them all hope this helps x

  4. emma says:

    you can get it on the orange website on PAYG, its £179.99 but you got to buy £10 top up. The pink one comes with free cosmetics and £20 airtime! not bad. I’ve ordered mine, can’t wait for it to be delivered!

  5. PrincessHannah//x says:

    I’m having this phone for christmas… can;t wait, bar everyone saying its a matchstick!

  6. Asif says:

    Whats this phone like for texting? Also if you want one check carphonewarehouse its only £139.99 GSM! And the D900 £159.99!

  7. phonekid says:

    im gettin the samsung x830 on saturday. its relli cheap if you get it on contract cos everything is down to half price in carphone warehouse!! cant wait till i get it

  8. sam says:

    hiya i got this phone 4 christmas at 1st its hard 2 txt wid cos its only got 2 lines n ya get used 2 3 but after a wile its ded easy n luks just like an mp 3 player which is gus id recomend it xxx

  9. jg says:

    can u get it on the street instead of the net coz i want buy it for my girl and i dont have a credit card.

  10. charlotte says:

    hi i have got this fone but think its crap as i have no clue at all how you get music on the fone! i have downloaded onto the cd and allsorts when i connect the usb to the phone and computer it isnt registered anyone had same problem??

  11. jo says:

    you need to put the samsung software program on your pc then its really easy to transfer music to it using that program just follow the instructions, i have had no problem at all, my only downfall with the phone is that the ring tone is not very loud
    hope this helps

  12. shabang says:

    i think the phone is one in million, so small and powerful. i love the orange and pink colours and the way it can store so much music, over all it’s a great phone and i’m getting one.

  13. shabang says:

    i think the phone is one in million, so small and powerful. i love the orange and pink colours and the way it can store so much music, over all it’s a great phone .

  14. gothica says:

    i have this phone and it is a great phone. i put it up my ass and it didnt even brake i was so amazed!!!!!! truly a great phone! i advise u buy it quickly!

  15. bbbunce says:

    im getting this phone tomorrow or within 10 days whitch sucks because i want it now!

  16. Beckss says:

    I’m hopefully gonna get the black one. I have to save some more money though I have £100 so far. Dunno where the cheapest place to get it. If anyone has it does it have a good screen and quality sound?

  17. weefosta says:

    im gettin dis fone soon but i have ta sell an n70 ta get the money does any 1 wana buy it oh an u can get then cheap in phones 4 you

  18. gemz b says:

    ive got one of these, its excellent as an mp3 player as it holds hundreds of songs the only downside of this phone is the ringer when somebody calls you is soooo quiet…. keep it on vibrate and your cool…. the cheapest place to get it just now is Morrisons its on offer for 69.99 but is usually 99.99…. Gemz xXx

  19. donna says:

    hi there i have found the x830 in phones4u for only £139.95 (clearance) or £149.95 brand new. i am hopefully going to get mine soon. cant wait.

  20. Mette Denmark says:

    Im getting the samsung x830 tomorrow, and i am really looking foreward to it. I have high expetations to it, because everyone tells me that the phone is great:-)

  21. tasia says:

    i’ve been told that the x830 is very slow and can’t actually hold as much as it says, can anyone confirm this or was it maybe just a dud? xx

  22. xx Navita xx says:

    Heyy, im getting this phone in pink 2moro heheh shud b ther wen i get bak afta skool… x cannot wait . got it off orange free for £35.00 a mnth, with unlmtd txts and 550 mins free// hehe. though dnt get any benefit make up pak, coz i fink they stopped the deal 🙁 oh well kannnnot wait for tha phonee.. does newon knw of any prblems i myt need to look owt for ? w/b xx

  23. cakatk says:

    I’m thinking of getting this phone off of ebay. I really love the white one. But I haven’t seen the menu style. Can someone please send me a email to lots of pics and all the pros and cons of phone.

  24. Sweetdreamz says:

    Hey I’m getin the fone in a few dayz, hopfuli itz gud. Ma m8z say it’s good, iz da volume of da mp3 low? Reply asap

  25. spencer says:

    hi i no that in the UK u can get the samsung X830 in an O2 phone shop for
    149.99 pounds
    its well nice though

  26. ashley says:

    I’ve had the pink one since christmas and bored of it already. Not really worth the money, not that it is expensive but there are better phones than this one. The battery doesn’t really last that long if you play loads of songs on it. And the volume only goes up to 14 and thats not very loud. It saves 200 messages to the phone and 20 to the sim.

  27. Allan says:

    Hey guys,
    can someone pls tell me how do you receive calls with the swivel closed or do u have to swivel it open to receive calls?

  28. Carly says:

    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows if the x830 is still 69.99 in Morrisons and which colour??

  29. Lady T says:

    i really want this fne so bad. buh dnt knw hw to get it cheap!!! i fink this fne wnt b able to hack the drops. lol! but it is really nice. ma frendz gt 1 it is nice.

  30. Leeanne says:

    I am getting this phone tommorow – it looks fab. Have got the LG chocolate at the moment and have only had it a few months – really not been the best of phones…seen someone in university library the other day with this phone and thought – I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!! It just looks sooooo funky…I’ll keep you posted on how easy it is to use; im sure the two key thing will take a little bit of getting used to but hey, it wasnt so long ago texting was hardly used and it used to take ages to send a text – im sure itl be easily picked up….: -)

  31. Big John says:

    Got Mine in russia , open to all networks for around 200 pounds. cool thing is it fits in your cigarette box when its half full

    so it spot on only one thing to fit into my shirt on a night out

  32. Paul says:

    You can get this phone at Phones 4 U. I ordered me this phone yesterday. The total price I had to pay for the phone and 10 airtime is £119. I think the phone looks cool. I can’t wait until mine comes through the post. I will post another comment when I test the phone. So far I would give the phone 8 out of 10 for looks.


  33. Paul says:

    I have had the white version of this phone and it is Ace. It just fits in to my pocket. The looks are cool I think it might the smallest phone in England too. Overall Out of 5 I think the phone scores 4.5 for looks and easy use of all the menus. Samsung have done themselves proud.


  34. marie says:

    hi can you only use the tones for your message alert or can u use ur own songs you have put on yourself

  35. G-Reg says:

    i well dnt know wether to get this phone coz sum say its well good and sum say its a waste of time.HELP!!!!!!!!!

  36. lola says:

    i realy want a pink samsong x830 but ma mum won’t let me does anyone now a realy chaep place 2 get one?

  37. hayley says:

    x830….has any one else had problems installing the installation cd to their pc cuz mine dont seem to work????

  38. hayley says:

    hollie i got mine off of ebay for £70 so they r going cheaper there hun x

  39. tori says:

    hi im tori i love the looks of this phone but im getting the f210 as its better screen volume and easy 4 texting

  40. Bushra says:

    hi im bushra , ive gt a pink samsung x830 if ne1 wants to buy it for £80 includin the silver strap n the headphones with it, so lemme kno if you do
    i recommend it its a really good phone but i want tp upgrade

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    In no way are we responsible for you buying or selling from other readers.

    I wish to say thankyou for coming to Phones Review and I hope you continue to do so.

  42. ALIX BABii3 says:


  43. Shaz says:

    Hi there, well im actually selling this phone on Ebay for £119.99, my listing has just gone off, but will be back in days. Pink, Totally Brand New boxed and unlocked. Now thats a real bargain!!! NO refurbished nonsence. Including all the accessories. Look for me my Id is 123shiza. Thanks

  44. Samantha says:

    hey everyone i got the black samsung x830 for christmas and i love it. It is the most cutest phone i have ever seen! Love it love it love it!!!!!!

  45. xchrisssssssieeee says:

    this phone is crap , i love phones tht play loudmusik on teh speakers , i got this one , the sound its teerable even on its higest its quiet and u have to cup the speaker to make it louder all the time ad its still not loud !