Haier Black Pearl the Future Phone of Fashion

Like phones plus you like the fashion of the future? Well my phone friends if your answer is yes to the question in hand then baby have we got a beauty for you my little darlings and it comes in the name of the Haier Black Pearl Phone.

This phone is small of which you can tell by the picture shown above (and NO the person holding the phone is not 20 feet tall).

Not only is this phone small they have some how jammed into the confined space an MP3 player, FM tuner and some amazing 3D graphics. Still bored are? Then what about a voice recorder, OLED screen display and a thumb rocker, sorry but there is more like Bluetooth and a 1GB TransFlash slot and mini USB compatibility makes things better as well plus is GSM compatible.

We have no pricing on the Haier Black Pearl the Future Phone of Fashion but trust us when this gets into the hands of a major phone provider and network you are sure to get the hottest mobile phone around.

Please — if you know more about this phone like the pricing and availability then please share with us the details.


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