Phones Review Press Release of the Nokia Aeon Full Touch Screen Concept Phone

We have come across the most sexiest concept mobile phone Ever to be seen by the eye, make NO mistake when we say that this particular phone should magically be turned from concept to reality (come on Nokia) make history and take the word concept which basically means never going to happen to reality which we will make happen then we here at Phones Review and the millions of mobile phone users will bow at your feet.

The designers, researchers and development team at Nokia have come into a world of their own when designing this amazing handset that will make you melt away, when we came across this phone on Nokia’s main website in the research & Development page we nearly fell off our seats because of the style, design and well bloody beauty of its concept.

Not only are the looks mind blowing but what about the touch screen that covers the full surface of the Nokia mobile phone (yes we did say the WHOLE surface). Tele Communication has got that one step better.

Please comment on this phone and let us know what you think of the new Nokia Aeon Concept mobile phone, leave all comments below thank you.


201 thoughts on “Phones Review Press Release of the Nokia Aeon Full Touch Screen Concept Phone”

  1. Mark says:

    At the moment Stefan is is just a concept phone meaning there are no plans of it as yet to go into production but we will keep you informed. So as you see there is no price as of yet.

  2. Doug says:

    I WANT ONE! i hope they do go into production, if they do i will buy one! looks amazing, and i love the idea of a fuel cell battery, dont quite understand how they seperate into 3 parts, 2 screens and a battery, nehow, i want one!

  3. This phones looks gorgous and makes a change from the more recent bulky phones, that feel like a brick in your pocket. I hope Nokia turn this phone from concept into production as i’m sure it will be a hit. But if the guys at Nokia are reading this, please include features such as an expandable memory and a decent pixel camera, as this would make it more appealing.

  4. Cat--x says:

    I think the phone looks great,

    However i would like to find more information about the phone and if it has a camera or not?

    Im looking for a phone and this one has caught my eye. Pink, Purple and many other colours would be nice!

  5. 82 says:

    Once in a while someone, somewhere, invents something that changes the way we do things forever. The Plane, the Car, the TV, Sliced Bread [lol] and more recently Apple Macintosh with their iMacs//iBooks//and most importantly their iPods but this concept phone is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I hope to high heaven that they put this phone into production as it will seriously slingshot Phones into the Future [especially with the way it looks like something from Minority Report] and I for one will buy about 10! I will definitely be keeping my eye out for this Dream to become a Reality!

  6. wanted-aeon cell says:

    i want!!! please release please puh-leeeeze!! this phone will be as widely publicized AND purchased as the stupid Razr! i want my, i want my, i want my aeon cell phone! call me


    So oh yaaaaaaah, make it reaal ! And please include features such as an expandable memory and a decent pixel camera As KAM mentioned previously.


  8. Frankie says:

    Impress outlook. It’s stylish, it’s posh, and it’ll fit my pocket well, It makes a huge distance to others. will look forward to having one of that.
    Yahhh,plz make it real.

  9. Hau says:

    omg…i would pay $1000 for this phone and even more if nokia make it….omg omg omg…can someone tell them make it plz….aaaaaaaa i love the phone

  10. rabih antoun says:

    simply i don’t believe what is that … incredible i love this phone i’ll pay 1000$ and more 4 it …………yahhhhhhhhhhh make it real we will b waiting

  11. RPM says:

    I would have to get two. get one, my wife would take it and I would never get to see it. Keep me updated if it becomes a reality so i can preorder 2

  12. lalaas says:

    lik, W0W?! i had always thought NOKIA phones were a bore until i saw this. 0.0 it’ll be even better if it were a slide phone or sumth, cos tht’s part of th reason why the LG choco’s so popular 😛 yeps! it’ll be a major hit if it has video functions & an MP3 too:D

  13. sri says:

    come on man i had seen the image of aeon in nov 06 in my mobiles magagine and waiting 4 that when Aeon will release n what will be the price ……………………………….

  14. Damion says:

    To volatile! Waffer thin phone, percentage of being broke within the first week 95%! Wheres the real inervation of mobile technology like inventing somthin useful such as the bluetooth eyepiece visualisation headwear or how about the biometric enhancements of security! I still don’t see the big deal with these phones being touch screen and pathetic in size. I say back to the drawing board you egg head scientists! XD But I do agree that the best looking phone to date has to be the LG Prada! my email address is DAMION.BOOTY@HOTMAIL.COM if any one can obtain presentable information on mobile optical wear.

  15. kalpesh says:

    its absolutely great. the concept seems to be another planet, another dimension. pleaseeeeeeeeee put it into production sooooooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Malik umer says:

    if this machine ever goes into production, i will be the first one to have it, coz i got contacts direct in nokia. simply love it

  17. char williams says:

    heya, the phone looks fantastic…please could u send me the price and all info that would be included on the phone also when it will b published as im sure i would buy it!!!

  18. Geeta says:

    What’s the hold back??? This phone is just darn wicked!! This should’ve been in the making already. As for those 3 metallic colors, think about how other range of colors will look. That being said, can’t wait to own one of those exquisite pieces! [Pretty pleeeeeeease!? 😉 ].

  19. Jezebel says:

    I saw this when i was looking at the iphone, but to be honest, this look ALOT better, id rather have this one.
    If this ever goes into production, please keep me posted, i would love information on it.


  20. Shoaib Khan says:


    Well phone looks are brilliant…….but I would like to know more information about phone…….like complete features of the phone……….whether it’s a camera set or not etc etc……..like all nokia phones having…….


  21. nathan says:

    OMG you have to make this phone im in love with it

    i have not seen a phone any where near as stylish i would pay up 2 fifteen hundred for this phone. i wont one . can u plz send me an email when they come out and whats the price !!!!!!!!!!

  22. bob marly says:

    i hate it it looks like crap
    it would get scratches all
    ova it and just the basic
    looks of it are not good
    and even more it would
    cost like $800 and it
    wouldnt even be that good
    all it has is the diff looks
    which aint a good thing
    well good luck
    and i dont think two many
    people are gunna
    buy you MAD (cough
    cough ) phone !!!


    Hi !
    All who have tried their best and made this future compatible device are deservers of reword.
    Technology keeps changing not by it’s own but, by the hardwork of some amazing people.
    We all should respect them who has made this beautiful concept and dream to reality.
    If I could afford it then I will defenately buy one.

  24. Jules says:

    I AM A FAN OF NOKIA, AND THE THOUGHT OF THIS PHONE IN MY POCKET LEAVES ME SALIVATING!! Nokia just HAS to bring this beautiful thing to life, and I for one will be ready and waiting to purchase this gorgeous piece of technology. Some things in life are necessary simply because they are stylish and stunning, and this is one of those things!! Come on Nokia, you guys can’t tease us and not deliver!!

  25. **Lucky** says:

    eyyy yooooo, i gotta have that phone man, pleae send me an e-mail bout it, any new information about the price and when its coming out let me know, i will buy it asap, i love the looks and everything forreal!!!

  26. Boucher says:

    Wow really stunning, I would pay the £££ this phone would really put other manufacturs off the market. Com on Nokia make this phone out for real. It is well wanted

  27. Princeton says:

    I was just about to buy a new phone and when I saw this one, my eyes remained fixed on it 🙂 I can’t wait to buy it. Please send me more information about it and it’s price as soon as you can. TNX

  28. joshua karr says:

    that phone put a tear in the corner of my eye.
    it literally made me fall to the back of my seat and wish to god that nokia would turn it into a production phone.

    it would surely surpass the iphone due to its sheer bueaty and magnifigance,and a “full body touch screen”.
    you are just begging for people to drool over this phone for hours.
    its an amazing concept phone.hopefully it does not stay that way for long.

  29. chitrang says:

    it is dam gooooooood……
    if it comes in market…….I bat that it will make record breking sels
    i will buy this phone at any cost…….

  30. sephie says:

    darn!!!dis phone is soooooo awesome…i wud save up dollars to buy it.is it available here in austrailia?is it released yet? wats the model?it is soo gorgeous bt i bet its quite sensitive.

  31. Spit says:

    Damn!!! this is one beautiful phone!!!!! this is the best ive seen of Nokia!! if this cellphone is put in the market i bet it would sell millions the first day!!!!!! C’mon Nokia take the risk (thats what businesses do!) and put it in the market!! i’d definately buy one!!!

  32. Jazz says:

    what a phone, i wonder weather the iphone out competes it though. Nokia has a horrible habit of making terrific phones with the most basic and unuser friendly software (e.g. 8800)! Regardless i think anyone with a bit of money would purchase the AEON, PLEASE MAKE IT (with a good platform, pref n95 symbian lol)!!!

  33. chelz says:

    dis fon is well nice i reli want one it looks propa gd!!!!!!!!!!!! i ope it comes out soon nd aint 2 expensive LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  34. serenity says:

    it is really nice…its slim and slender…fits right into a girl pocket…i would love to have one of these…and i know everyone else would like to have one…

  35. Kaytee says:

    please please please , make it ,
    if you do , can you send me the price and details , and also of the nokia 7480 , they are mazing phones ,
    please make them 🙂

  36. briaan says:

    nokia have clearly struck gold with this phone and they stand to make huge profits if they take that step and put the phone into production. sign me up for mine,I want…no…I NEED that phone!!!!

  37. vikas says:

    i really luv dis nolia aeon phone ………..juss luv it …………………………..m waiting 4 dis ……………………..if anybody hav any idea about the price n the lanching dat eden pla tell me ………………..:)

  38. paul says:

    hey guys nd girls….i have to tell yo that Aeon is just sweet…..if u like so much nokia give 1 min and chek this 2 types of nokia…..nokia MORPH and nokia 888……this is what i call PHONE….and specialy MORPH……absolutly gorgeouse…..take a look on youtube on this cell`s…..

  39. Josip says:

    I think they will not make this phone. But it will be really great!!! I will buy blue one for my wife and black for me. Just tell me where i can buy it?

  40. mickle says:

    I wanna know d price tag of dis phone and what features does it hold and especially about internet browsing and downloading and dis cell is awesum and i wanna c dis in d market as soon as possible and i ll b d first to check it out
    Thank u,,

  41. Josip says:

    What is wrong with you people? This mobile phone will never see the daylight!!! Nokia published it in 2006 …. so if it’s not out jet, I believe that it never will be…
    But keep on wishing…:-)

  42. riz says:

    i think that nokia should put the AEON in production
    i have a strong feeling that peope would buy the phone only cause its different. so stop waisting our time cause i want to buy it!!!!!

  43. Josip says:

    The price of Nokia Aeon is 600$ in Žepče (Bosnia).
    They have any colour you want. They paint it in front of you. Really good phone, I try it. You can throw it to a wall, and it will fall a part. Great feeling!!! You must try that!

  44. If I were at the Nokia, I would put this concept phone to reality. Lots of this reader request for its type. In addition, to make it more competitive than that of the upcoming iphone models, you may add an anti-virus (or any kind) for its protection using the unit browse for internet.

  45. To Josip: you’re an abnormal person (or if you’re a person), moderator must not allow this kind of person to write this thread. It just a waste of time reading this silly things.

  46. Josip says:

    To reynan: You say that the moderator should not let people write such things … but what are you writing? You also insult other people, I think that you should prohibit leaving messages. Hick!

  47. dr neha says:

    its actuly mind blowmh man…………..so sexy it is…jst waana buy it ne hw cn u plz mail me d price n sum infrmatn abt dis cell………………

  48. nokia-lover says:

    veryyy unique cell!!!!!!!!!
    is there any info from Nokia yet? How much the prize? does it enter the Asia Market (Indonesia, for exact)?

  49. i think this is a big leap in mobile communication designs, nokia know the technology of the future. i am interested in designing phones. and would like to know how much this phone is, i have not seen it on the television or on the phone websites, please can you give me more info on this phone

  50. David-ray says:

    Please when is the phone coming out or is it out, and how much will it cost. when it does come out will it be readily available for Nigerian users?

  51. Moe says:

    I guess Nokia is not coming out with it yet, they just imagine it and draw 3D design in the computer, now they are stuck about how the hell they gonna make it…it sure looks nice but the question is, “will it look same if it is ever build?”..

  52. Manzar says:

    baby this is the sexiest phone i’ve ever seen i’m dying to buy it>

    plz release it earlier and let me knowwhen it is released plus do email me about the approximate time

  53. tomato says:

    when wil it on air??at msia and whats the price in RM??any spect of it willing to get more information about it!!quick intresting wit the colour and the out look of the hp was so shiny..not like those previous hp colours were dull in colour hehe!!>.<

  54. nick says:

    i realy love this phn it awosm
    i never miss this phone can u send me imformationn of this phn
    whn its in the market and whats price of this phn can u plz tel me

  55. rajesh Bajaj says:

    didn’t wanted to say the earlier comment but displaying it from 3 yrs but not coming out in the market probably it is not the truth about this mobile might be a snap of a very good looking toy so can make us happy………didn’t wanted to hurt you

  56. mari says:

    waaa..when will it be released? . i really2x want one… PLSSSSS.. i wish they go in theee production… gawd.. i really want ONE superrr.wew… i promise il buy onee.. :]]


  57. emma says:

    hmmm…seems a bit too good to be true tbh, i would need to experience using a nokia aeon before i decide whether to purchase one or not.

    baring in mind that this is just a plan, the phone is not even made yet…there could be lots of problems with technology as advanced as this. The phone is described to be “water proof” and “dirt proof/repellant”- is this even possible ?
    if this phone ever does go into production there will probably be lots of malfunctions with it. :S

  58. Mel says:

    OMG! Please make it! Can you tell me rouchly how much it would be? Please! Would it be more than three hundred? (Probably… but maybe im lucky and its not that expensive)

  59. ikram shah says:

    its the BEST mobil set which i saw 4 da ist tym nd i wud lyk 2 pay 1000 dollar 4 it…. plz tell us that at which date it will release n da maret…. THANKS

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