The Screaming Theif Security for Mobile Phones

As we all know theft of mobile phones has been increasing over the years buy thankfully a UK company want to put a stop to the thieves getting what they want, The UK Company have developed a mobile phone security system that will hopefully deter the thief. The system sets of a high pitched scream plus permantly lock the phone and wipe all data clean.

The remote XT technology as it is known is designed to make the mobile phone useless and unusable which means bad news you little thieves because it will be worth nothing to you. To get the system working all you need to do is put some software onto the operating system of the mobile phone of which then is activated via a call centre once users realise their phone has been nicked or lost.

Phones Review gives this new product to mobile phones a 10 out of 10 because we know it will help against theft, come on who wants to nick a phone that screams at you and wipe all the data of the phone, even if the person takes the battery out which does stop the audible scream will not be good still because soon as you put the battery back in oh yes you got it screams again.

The new system automatically backs up data held on a device at least once a day which is very good because customers can reload their information onto a replacement handset which mean you have not lost all your data. At the moment the system only works on mobile phones which run Symbian or Windows (Smart Phones) but they say that it will work with most phones in around 2 years.

The only downfall with this new mobile phone security system is that it is on subscription at the moment which will hopefully changed and you will have to pay £120 per year which is £10 a month.

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