LG KG810 Chocolate Phone

So you like the LG Chocolate for its style so guess what LG want to amaze you with the new LG KG810 Chocolate Phone which instead of being a slider phone you now get the flip version cool hey you might say. If you are and LG Chocolate fan then this new mobile phone will knock your socks off, the LG KG810 Chocolate Phone has the same specifications as the ever so popular LG KG800 but for some reason this has more appeal.

You get fully featured MP3/AAC music player including A2DP Bluetooth for wireless music a 1.3 megapixel camera plus 128MB of built in memory, you get a FM Radio to listen to your favourite stations and a video camera as well.

It also has a drag and drop, USB compatible which makes music transfers that much easier, the LG810 flip phone which is part of the Chocolate family will be free on contract and comes with a sexy presentation box with very high quality stereo headphones and USB lead.

Other Specifications
– Standby time up to 200 hours
– Talk time up to 3.5 hours
– Battery: 4.2V, 700mAh Li-Poly
– Main Display: TFT 2.0”, Internal Display: TFT 1.17”
– Size: 92 x 47 x 14.6mm
– Weight: 86g

If you know some great places to buy the LG KG810 then please send us what you know thank you.


One thought on “LG KG810 Chocolate Phone”

  1. The KG810 is a good phone with a few problems letting it down. First off, it gets smudged and scratched easily after very little use. Secondly the battery life is terrible…

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