Orange Announce Wind Mobile Phone Charger which Debuts at Glastonbury Festival

Orange has a new toy for you all and it will make its debut at the Glastonbury Festival, the new toy is a wind turbine mobile phone charger, it will be powered by wind which is superb. No more worrying about flat phone batteries, no more worries about finding an electrical source to plug your phone charger in, this is a better source of energy and what better energy than wind.

The Orange Turbine was developed at the University of Texas at Arlington, it can be easily fixed to your tent, it fits nicely in your rucksack and it only weighs 150 grams. The way it works is it stores a charge in the control box which then can be tapped into your mobile phone to give it the battery life that is needed. Orange has a number of gadgets and this new Orange Turbine mobile phone charger is their latest.

It will be on display at the Glastonbury festival between June 22-24.

Our debate is — “Do you think this is a good idea or a bad one”?

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Official Site – Orange

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