Phones 2 U Direct New Handsets & Top Deals

Phones 2 U Direct are offering some amazing deals at the moment you really DO NOT want to miss. Below is the names of the phones with a picture, all you need to do is either click the text or the picture to see that amazing deal on that phone. You will not be disappointed at all. There are 3 brand new handsets plus New handsets with 12 month deals on Vodafone.

These are the best deals shown below —

Nokia 6110 Navigator Nokia 6110 Navigator Nokia 8600 Luna Nokia 8600 Luna

HTC P3450 Touch HTC P3450 Touch Nokia 6290 Blue Nokia 6290 Blue

Samsung D900i Samsung D900i Samsung D900i Red Samsung D900i Red

Samsung U600 Red Samsung U600 Red Samsung U600 Silver Samsung U600 Silver


3 thoughts on “Phones 2 U Direct New Handsets & Top Deals”

  1. dave says:

    are you sure it’s wise to advocate phones2udirect? have you tried calling them recently? i tried to call their sales line the other day as i wanted to buy a new phone, but there was no answer. ditto today.


  2. B Yeates says:

    Don’t buy from this company!!! I have not found a review site where anyone has anything good to say about this company. Everyone complains that they do not pay cashbacks! I am still waiting for mine after 3 months! So don’t use them if you expect this. They do not respond to emails or phone calls (if you can get through!) They are probably going under at this rate! Trouble is they will probably start up again as “DirectPhones2U” and still rip you off!!! Be warned!!!

  3. coldplayer says:

    The bad news is that Phones2udirect have gone into liquidation so there’s nothing much left to do.

    This is following the trend from previous Mobile phone dealers like Mobile Matters (UK) Ltd. (trading as The Mobile Outlet), Simply Communications UK Ltd. (trading as Simply 3G), Click Mobile Ltd., Mobile Rainbow (about to call creditors’ meeting), Express Mobiles, Dial a Mobile Ltd. (trading as Mobile Connections), Mobile City Telecommunications, Esus Ltd (trading as Easy Mobile), Palm Communications, Just 3G, Forward Cellular, MobileClub7.com, Mobile Affiliates Ltd. (trading as Coolnewmobile and Phones2yourdoor), Mobile Media Systems Ltd. (trading as Phoneboxdirect)

    This is an unfair situation where innocent consumers have been conned by this unscrupulous companies that were acting with the blessing of the Telephone Networks.

    A group of conned consumers are trying to get together for a class action against the networks to try to claim the money they are owed. If you would like to join them feel free to email them at:




    You don’t have to be a Phones2udirect victim to contact this group, anyone affected by a Mobile phone cashback scam, like Phoneboxdirect Coolnewmobile Simply3g or The Mobile Outlet can join the group.

    To attempt action against the networks on an individual basis would be high-risk and costly. Clearly, in the event of litigation success only those consumers directly participating in the class actions would retrieve their cashback entitlements and costs. Anyone not participating in any action would not recover any of their cashback as a result of this.

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