iPhone Problems: I have not returned it yet, but I’m really debating it

Many people are already debating on if they should return their iPhone due to problems, the comment sent in to us that really stood out was from a Phones Review reader called ‘Jacob’. We normally approve the comments sent in to us to the area they posted it too but we decided to make this one a top story and publish it. Jacob is obviously having problems with the Apple iPhone. We wish to say a big thank you to Jacob for his comment, please read his comment below —

Jacob Say’s –
I have not returned it yet, but I’m really debating it. It’s unquestionably the most beautiful piece of technology I have seen in years, and it can do more than any other phone that came before it. Unfortunately, it can’t do a single thing WELL. As an Ipod, I have to put in a 2 inch jack to listen to music on my good headphones. As an email device, it’s crap. It has tremendous difficulty uploading my email.

Because of the autocorrect, the touchscreen keyboard is really not such a problem when sending email But I have entered in at least 5 people’s email addresses in the last week, only to realize I mistyped by one digit because of the faulty keyboard. And there was nothing I could do because I now had the wrong email account…

As a browser, it’s gorgeous, and it’s for this reason that I feel a lot of misgivings about going back to my blackberry. Still, it’s too slow, and I feel overwhelmingly that the thing to do is sell the phone off and buy another one in a year when they sort out the kinks.

Thanks again Jacob and we do hope you have more luck with your iPhone.

To all our readers — Are you having problems with your iPhone? If you are please send in your comments below and get all your frustrations of your chest. We love to listen and our readers love to help.


18 thoughts on “iPhone Problems: I have not returned it yet, but I’m really debating it”

  1. Mr. S says:

    I dropped my iPhone and the sim card tray came out halfway. I picked the phone, pushed the tray back in and made a call again. The phone worked for about 8 hours without a problem. But after that, I started getting messages asking me to insert a sim card, but I could still use it. But a few more hours into it, it displayed a message saying “incorrect sim card. Insert an unlocked and valid SIM card to activate iPhone” I called Apple and told them what happened, and they instructed me on how to reboot but it didn’t work. So they tod me to get another SIM card. I did, but the same message kept coming. Then I was told to go to Apple store. To my amazement, they told me that someone was trying to hack into the phone. NOW, I HAVE BEEN WITH ORIGINALLY CINGULAR FOR ABOUT 6 YEARS NOW, I KNOW VERY LITTLE ABOUT COMPUTERS, I HAD HAD A PHONE FOR LESS THAN A MONTH, AND NO ONE – I MEAN NO ONE TOUCHED MY PHONE BUT ME. THE ONLY THING THAT HAPPENED TO THE PHONE IS FALL DOWN. The technician at Apple Store said and show me this message IMEI: 00 499901 064000 0 and he said that it means someone was getting into it. Now, I even had to call Apple to help me activate the phone through itune program. I have called and talked to apple care alot of times and explain to them that something must be wrong with the phone. I ended up buying another iPhone and voluntereed for them to use my broken phone as a guinea pig so they can fix this problem for other customers, but they dont want to. They are charging me over $250 to fix it. SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG WITH THE PHONE AND WE CONSUMERS NEED TO SPEAK UP ABOUT IT. I NEVER HACKED INTO THE PHONE, BUT NO ONE AT APPLE WANTS TO EXAMINE THE PHONE. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP. SOME ONE NEED TO SPEAK UP FOR SOME OF US WHO KNOW LITTLE TO NOTIHING ABOUT COMPUTER OR PHONE TECHNOLOGY.

  2. Icallea says:

    I have had a similar issue and to get any kind of assistance from Apple is near impossible…All they say is it has been hacked and will not listen to reason………I have now decided to return my Iphone to the supplier , as a believe may other unsatisfied people have in the UK……..I believe Apple have pulled the wool over their valid and trusted customers for too long now……..The decsion to go with O2 is Madness at the extreme….the worst newtork in the UK by a country mile……….some of the people making key decisons at Apple should be removed before they have lost all their delicate credibility in the market for mobile phones, which they obiviously do not fully understand!!!!!!!!!!
    AC – UK

  3. dave says:

    Couldnt you see the warning signs? If all potential iphone buyers had taken a step back and considered its limitations apple wouldnt have sold half as much as it has. No 3G. no pic message, duff camera, no video capture etc i mean come on! Its a piece of overpriced junk.

  4. matt says:

    I am now on my 2nd iphone since December, and now that one has developed a fault. After speaking to apple and doing all of the fault finding they tell me they don’t know what’s wrong and to go back to the store. Has anyone else had a problem with the phone switching off and then turning back on again?.

    I don’t agree its junk its good at what it does (when it works). If you want a business phone get a Blackberry, if its for our personal use then the I phone is good. I know a few people that have them and they have not had a problem. I must be unlucky.

  5. sarah says:

    MATT, I have the same problem – the iPhone switches off when not being used, I keep having to reset the time. Sometimes it takes ages to get it back on, then it will just come back on randomly… it is such a hassle going back to Apple, but it may be the only way!! aaaargh

  6. harry says:

    OMDAIS, i accidently dropped my iphone unfortunately right on the off switch button hitting head first :(. Now the off button is dented in and i cannot turn off the phone when i wish to. Its completely my fault etc i agree. But then now im begining to have that random iphone spasm where it switches on and off on its own accord. Also the most latest problem is that my iphone has died. It wont switch on, it wont even switch on when i put it on charge (which is what i used to do when it had its spasms) in itunes it says theres an error.
    just wondering, if i take the problem to apple, will they give me a new replacement iphone having only bought it a month ago?? thanks peeps

  7. Lindsay says:

    I bought the IPhone when it first came out. had been on Blackberry for about a year before.
    The IPhone has been nothing but trouble since I had it.
    If you use it for business as you would a Blackberry, you will be disappointed, the battery life is rubbish, at best I have had about 5 hours use out of it.
    Worse still it was missing over half of incoming calls. It would be on my desk, not ring, then alert me to a missed call, virtually doubling my phone bill as I was having to ring people back all the time.
    o2 service is crap, they told me to take it back to the store. The store in cardiff told me to contact O2.
    That was over 5 months ago. Now after hours of calls and about a dozen e mails to O2, no new phone and no support other than o2 telling me than these problems are unique.

    I have asked them to restore my Blackberry e mail and internet service. ( I have put the sim card from my IPhone back into my Blackberry, to get phone use)

    I have told them I am more than happy to have a new contract, they are happy to do this subject to me paying a hefty cancellation fee, 12 months charges of an 18 month contract. Very helpful.
    I am now taking O2 to court to recover all costs under the sale of goods act in that the IPhone is not fit for the purpose it was sold.

  8. geoff says:

    I bought the first iphone which was pretty cool it was a little slow and had its quirks but an amazing piece of technology. I am based in London and the new 3g version is absolutely rubbish. I can only presume that it costs o2 significantly less to have phones on 3g. Despite the fact that it should be much quicker browsing you are lucky if you get a reception for the browser 40% of the time. The older version at least got you reception albeit slowly. The battery life on the new version was supposed to be better but never lasts a day. Having persuaded my other half to bin her blackberry after being really impressed by the first version and expecting an improvement in the second I really am getting it in the neck. Although this phone is a beautiful thing it is RUBBISH. I can only suggest that you wait for version 3 and then wait to see if it works.

  9. Amy says:

    I brought the iphone last November and to start off with it was excellent. However as this year has gone on the problems have been getting worse and worse.

    I can no longer use the camera as the picture has a mysterious blurry colour effect I have previously had on other phones as a camera effect option which makes the photos look bizarre. I cannot turn this effect off as I have no idea how it appeared in the first place.

    Text messaging is very slow and texts between myself and my boyfriend who also has an iphone don’t appear in order so sometimes it’s difficult to work out conversations.

    The phone continuously reverts back to the menu screen when I am in the middle of something regardless of whether I have pressed the home button or not.

    Email is a joke. Many emails take ages to download, I seem to recieve some hours after they have been sent and then cannot reply as the rest of the email takes an age to download. I have tried replying without downloading the rest of the message that causes my phone to freeze and I have to restart it.

    To date I have had minimal problems with the ipod. Album artwork gets switched round occasionally which is annoying but compared to the other problems minimal.

    My boyfriend is also having similar problems with freezing. He has looked into taking the phone back and O2 have said it would take over a month. They suggested he go to a ‘genius cafe’ which isn’t a lot of help!!!!

    Using a phone should not frustrate a person as much as the iphone does with me. It should be a massive help with day to day life, not be a cause for stress!

  10. I list below problems I have after only owning this phone for less than 12 hours!
    Battery dead after only 4 hours of intermittent use and no means of carrying a spare battery.
    Ring volume too low.
    Reception abominable.
    Wont download youtube videos except on Wi-Fi.
    Keyboard for someone with very large fingers a pain.
    Ebay defaults to wapebay so can’t leave feedbacks.
    Digital banking not allowing me to log in.
    Wont send an email to an address I have previously used.
    Can’t find a way to use my own songs as ringtones or photos as wallpaper.
    Call history?
    Still more faults I am sure exist but will give them a chance to sort them out or they can have it back.
    No copy and paste.

  11. mike says:

    i had a hacked 8gig iphone from the very early days on the 1.0.2 software and frankly it was superb, no real issues withit , mail fast , calls ok , ipod etc superb. however roaming data charges were really expensive with vodafone. so decided to bite the bullet and go ligit with 02 here in the uk with a new 16gig phone.

    problems so far –

    when you are making a call the screen goes blank , no access to the softkeys so banking an impossibility.
    secondly you cant end a call becasue the end call soft button isnt displayed.
    the touch screen is no way as fast as my original iphone.

    took the unit back, exchanged same issues – anyone else got the same effect or problems ??

  12. Antony says:

    Well mine is going back, the reasons are:
    1) No picture messaging.
    2) No Video
    3) No bluetooth connection to other phones
    4) No access to websites that use flash or real player (biggest fault)

    I am so annoyed as this is the best phone, in other respects, that i have ever used but to leave these features off is just ridiculous and bordering on incompetance.
    Why the hell would you release a phone that is advertised as having FULL internet access when it doesn’t?
    Unfortunately APPLE has just lost sales of over 50 of these because of my ranting in the office and. unless they update the software, i will never recommend it.
    I am moving to the new XDA that has Windows Mobile for the FULL internet access experience and without the APPLE forced ties.

  13. Julian says:

    Setting up exchange with the iphone is immensely frustrating as is the lack of intelligent support from O2. You enter all right detail into the exchane menus and then get “Account Verification Failed”-this process has succeeded in wiping the original synch done through itunes. Now all the contact and email and calendar folders are EMPTY. Go into carphone warehouse and they know nothing because they are interested in selling. Go into an Apple store and you will simply wait and wait like all the other people who seem to have nothing better to do. Somebody had better help soon or I shall become utterly unbearable.


  14. Donna says:

    Can only echo the above sentiments and more:
    I know of at least 5 texts sent to me in the past week that have never arrived
    Voicemails that have never arrived
    No ‘missed call’ notification when people have told me they’ve been phoning me
    Battery life utter rubbish
    Ring tones too low
    Vibrate not strong enough
    Accidently switches easily between silent and ring
    Signal strength very poor
    updateto v 2.1 software has had no effect on any of the above
    I would not recommend this phone – it’s very disappointing. Can’t get out of my contract – can I have it unlocked and then use a vodafone sim? Grateful for any advice!

  15. hi have had problems with phone switching off rubbish battery screen going blank when on call then freezing and not being able to get back to start screen /home screen.i found the problem to be caused by the sylicon case used to protect.phone now works with that removed a few small annoyances left but no more than any other phone.because lets face it none of these new phones work exactly how it says on the box

  16. Oli Henshall says:

    I have had my iphone for 24 hours and i can already see its a love hate relationship! i love everything about it but it hates me! Its main problem is that i cant dial numbers! when i press the green phone icon on the bottom left of the screen it comes up, freezes for 3 seconds then goes away back to the menu screen. Exceptionally annoying! i need to fix this obviously because i may well have a lightsauber and loads of cool extras on it but its primary function is to be a phone and at the moment its not doing that!! im thinking of updating the software as ive done this on my old ipod to sort out silly problems! any ideas anybody?? much appreciated!!

    To anyone reading these who is thinking of getting the gadget dont be an idiot like me and buy it unlocked on ebay get a ligit one from 02 incase it goes wrong, but get one, you will love it.

  17. mike says:

    so i have 2 iphone’s , one new o2 here in the uk and one locked with a vfone sim. simply put the o2 one is superb and works just fine on the new code and i use loads of funky apps too. the old one unlocked does exactly what it says on the can but without some of the new stuff. personally i would go with a new pukka version rather than an unlocked one. at least there is “some” support.

    there are still loads of things that need to be sorted such as text forwarding to multiple users – or sms with picture – cant seem to do that etc etc but its still the best out there.

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