CECT mobile phone: Are you sure? It looks like a watch

Ok so it is a watch, but look closer because in fact it is a mobile phone as well. A CECT mobile phone to be precise, are you sure? It looks like a watch “Of course we are sure”. There have been many attempts to make a mobile phone watch and yes some have hit the market but this one seems to be a good one (at last).

CECT mobile phone watch pic 2

This new CECT mobile phone device is a good attempt but and a big but of which we are not happy about is that there are no specifications as of yet (bummer). It is reported on the other hand as a GSM enabled device which will allow you to take phone calls via Bluetooth or with the cool built in microphone and speaker combo. It also boasts a built in media player oh and if your bored a few games to play.

CECT mobile phone watch pic 1

No word on availability or pricing (sorry). We will keep you posted.



7 thoughts on “CECT mobile phone: Are you sure? It looks like a watch”

  1. khaled azab says:

    one of my friends bought it from china it is cool but i dont know weather to buy it or buy the iphone?

  2. István says:


    I bought a CECT 718 and it is really funny and working well.
    I found out, how to convert existing movies to its 3gp format, using h263 codec and I am able to convert and upload movies to my watch phone 🙂 Just for fun.

    Unfortunately I have no manual (I bought it in ebay).
    After I found a company in Europe, so, I put a link to my website 🙂
    I plan to buy smartphone from them because I want to insert these phones to my groupware system.

  3. Jefferson says:

    i bought the mw0015 mobile watch phone and it’s working well but to activate the phone code and for some other stuff you can do with the phone you need a phone code but who can help me to find the phone code cause i can’t find it in the mannuel

  4. I bought the n800 by Cect for £99.99 in black. It has stereo bluetooth and camera like this one. It tkes sim card, has fm radio. He also does the V2 with strap dial for £119.00. He does the cheapest watch phones and based in the UK. It is an amazing watch.

    Here is a link to the best value mobile store