Samsung & Adidas training together on the SGH-F110 mobile phone

There was Samsung and then came along Adidas, they decided that they should train together and become even better in the mobile phone industry. This is where Samsung & Adidas training together on the SGH-F110 mobile phone. So what does this mean in the way of these two big massive companies joining hands?


Well what we know so far is that the SGH-F110 mobile phone is a slider handset featuring quad band GSM and EDGE connectivity plus the black stylish F110 has a microSD expansion slot, 2 megapixel camera and two inch LCD, that is on the Samsung side of course. Now we go onto the Adidas side of things where they have put an array of exercising features on the phone such as calorie burning calculator, distance calculator, heart rate monitor and voice coach (No more slacking).

The phone also has Bluetooth 2.0, as usual there is no word on pricing or when it will be available so just sit back for now and get fat, then when it is here you can lose the weight.


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