Gorgeous Google phone incoming alert: put down all mobiles

Ok so we keep on hearing about the Google phone but we do know for a fact that the Google mobile phone is only around the corner, yes it is staring at you and you do not even notice. Now sit back for about five minutes and stare at the picture of the phone, there is no way you cannot love this phone.

It has style, class, fashionable, gorgeous and god damn sexy written all over it, I can remember quite away back now on when the heck will we get the Google handset but to my dismay waited, then waited oh and waited some more but at last the dismay has gone because apparently this Google phone is right around the corner.

Google phone

The Google phone will at least be on terms of a VoIP handset packing GoogleTalk technology plus Wistron NeWeb have started development of a GoogleTalk mobile which will have Wi-Fi technology to rival the plethora of Skype handsets that are currently on sale.

Now the question is “Will the Google phone look as good as the mock up in the picture?

Source — Reuter

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