Samsung Blast T729: T-Mobile Launch new phone

Blast yourself over to T-Mobile’s site and take a goosey at this new phone on the market, T-Mobile are launching the all new Samsung Blast or also known as the Samsung T729. Samsung and T-Mobile have banged their heads together to launch the new Blast slider phone which puts a massive emphasis on messaging capabilities.

Samsung Blast T729 Closed

The mobile handset has a 1.3 megapixel camera and EDGE but sorry nothing to exciting here, the Samsung Blast does have the SureType keypad, great color scheme, really great for Yahoo and Gmail email services because of the way the integrated support works. T-Mobile are going to charge the same rate for an email sent and received on the Samsung Blast T729 at the same cost of a text messages (this is great news).

Samsung Blast T729 Open

Do you like or hate the Samsung Blast T729?

Check out more details over at T-Mobile


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  1. Andrew says:


    I was having the exact same difficulties that I’ve been reading about all over the web. I’m not quite sure exactly what I did to make it work, but I can relay the steps I took not long before I was able to receive the messages I was sending my own gmail account via the e-mail software included with the phone. P.S. if you have unlimited SMS then you don’t have to worry about being charged to send or receive IM or E-mail.

    OK. So it seems that if you log into your gmail account after you’ve set up your account on your mobile phone, go to the settings section, of course click the fowarding and POP/IMAP tab. disable all POP AND IMAP (sounds crazy, I know). Then click SAVE CHANGES. Here is the kicker, quite often the page times out and doesn’t save or you think that enough time has passed to have saved your new settings and click back to your inbox or something. WAIT until you are AUTOMATICALLY REDIRECTED back to your inbox, if this doesn’t occur then your new changes haven not been saved!!!!

    Once these new settings have been changed repeat the process but this time ENABLE your POP (AND) your IMAP (i’m not sure which works with the internal software or the t-mobile servers so enable both to be on the safe side. they might do both but one might be more efficient than the other).

    Once you do that go ahead and send yourself an e-mail (on your computer! it’ll get back to you faster because of less communication through multiple servers) then on your phone go to e-mail, highlight and open the e-mail account, click OPTIONS, then select RETRIEVE MAIL. be patient as t-mobile is a little slower than our friend gmail. an icon of a letter with something in front of it should appear and flash just take the time to watch while this downloads because if you mess with the buttons you might interrupt the download. Of course if the backlight turns off while you’re waiting it’s OK to hit a key to turn the screen back on.

    And hopefully you should have some fresh e-mail from yourself and maybe others.

    I hope this works for everyone. Please let me know.


  2. adrian says:

    I have a questions about setting up Gmail on the Blast. I put in my email address and password in “Other 1” on the email list and it always gives me an error. How do I set up Gmail on this phone?

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