Soft mobile phone concept with flexible plastic housing

Now I am a sucker for mobile phone concepts and this one really does give me a tingle all over my body, I would have to say this one should be made, yeah in fact patent it then make it (what you waiting for). This is a design like no other that has appeal. This soft mobile phone concept that has a flexible plastic housing means that mobile phone will break no more.

The soft polymer which is located between the microchip module and the casing means this phone has style oh and flexibility, so throw it in anger, drop it do what you want with it and it will be ok. The soft mobile phone concept with flexible plastic housing has a flexible display which is 2.75 inches with 433 × 266 pixels and has surface keys that look great plus the display itself looks like paper. Apparently the ink that is within can change its position when electric signals are about which is called electro wetting. The display was designed by Johan Feenstra & Robert Hayes. Phone Designer – Roman Kriheli

Soft mobile phone concept


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