Nokia Maps Application: updated and improved

The people over at Nokia have said that they updated Nokia Maps with a better improved user interface and search functions, oh and a faster map download. Why is Nokia Maps so good? Well for starters it covers over 150 countries which offer maps and routing, and are Nokia’s first steps moving forward in giving a potentially brilliant real time positioning service.

The Nokia Maps basic route planner is totally free but and a big but all users may have to pay transfer fees from their carriers, there are more upgrades but this will be at a fee and Nokia do charge for a voice speaking guided navigation feature (pretty cool) plus other city and travel guides, you know all the top information on museums, shopping stores and so forth.

The Nokia Maps and Nokia Map Loader are free for download at http://maps.nokia.com

If you have been using Nokia Maps please do let us know your views?


2 thoughts on “Nokia Maps Application: updated and improved”

  1. Diabo says:

    Nokia Maps rocks, but the Nokia Map loader sucks.

    Nokia Map Loader alternative: http://nokiamaps.moo.no . Works on any operating system with any browser. No need to install anything, so you can add maps on locked-down computers like at work, in school, internet cafes, or straight from your phones built-in browser.

  2. Michael O says:

    Nokia Maps with voice guided navigation on the newer N95 firmware works excellently. I am quite impressed at the processing power because automatic re-routing when one changes from the planned course is quite seamless and practically real time. Considering the small screen compared to dedicated SAT NAV systems, the layout is user friendly and very easy to follow. Installing the maps on the 8GB model takes quite a few minutes but is significantly advantageous and Map Loader software works flawlessly. Evidently a good broadband connection is necessary as file of complete European maps is over 1GB. I recently disposed of my standalone TOM TOM (good SATNAV) and an ACER N35 (unsatisfactorily slow and a not user friendly Destinator navigation software which I uninstalled and replaced with TOMTOM). I have two fujitsu Siemen PDAs running TOM TOM6 however the N95 is preferred. While the Fujitsu Siemens N560 (PDA running on Intels 624 chip) and the heavily loaded Pocket LOOK 810 (phone, PDA with wireless, bluetooth amongst other features) are quite powerful, the operating system in both is the only unsuitable feature – Microsoft Windows Mobile. Crashes are relatively frequent and this on a few occasions I have has to hard reset which means TOM TOM must be reloaded and this requires a KEY CODE which is only legally provided twice. Regular backups of the N95 insure files are available on an as need basis. I do not recommend the earlier N95 models unless the firmware has been updated and even then while I cant explain why but my 8Gb models works much better even after the 512MB model was updated to 2Gb and had a firmware update. Hope this information is useful to someone.

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