New Tesco internet VoIP phone service: unlimited anytime UK calls £5 a month

Tesco are launching their brand new landline style call plans for their internet phone service, the month price plans consists of £5 a month for unlimited anytime UK calls and £8.50 a month for unlimited anytime international calls which is a bargain (more info).

The way this all works is that all customers can use and pay for an internet phone which works in the same way as if it was a traditional line service of which you can make internet phone calls and normality for UK households. The new prices are simple and will not confuse matters and is a great idea.

But what we say is, by simplifying this process will it in fact take you into a place of the unknown and will it work as good as other VoIP services?

You can go online on Tesco’s website where you can buy this all in one Tesco internet phone service



2 thoughts on “New Tesco internet VoIP phone service: unlimited anytime UK calls £5 a month”

  1. I am living in France and I am planning to go and live in England. I Need an unlimited telephone contract for the U.K. and for France as I enjoy at the moment with “orange”.
    Do you have something similar?

    1. Tom Peach says:

      voiptalk.org offer an unlimited calling package for £9.99 + VAT (TVA) per month covering all of Europe

      I have used this for the last 3 yrs and find call quality to be excellent regardless of if I use the voip phone in UK or Spain where I lived for a year.

      have a look on their web site for more details on the packages

      Hope this helps

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