Samsung F700 is really official on Vodafone: Available in Europe November

The cunning slider phone which goes by the name of Samsung F700 or Samsung SGH-F700 has officially been announced that it is going to be on Vodafone. The F700 which is an elegant mobile phone will hit the European market with Vodafone early November which is great news.

Samsung F700

The Samsung F700 for those who do not know was first shown off at the 3GSM World Congress in February, the Samsung F700 boasts 3.6 Mbps data speeds which are under of course with Vodafone’s 3G broadband (HSDPA) network to give you fast speed access to the internet and best of all faster music downloads (Schweet).

The Samsung SGH-F700 also features a 3 MP camera and a 3.2 inch 432 x 240 resolution touchscreen, HSDPA, microSD expansion slot and a QWERTY keypad which slides out, there is also Bluetooth 2.0, 263 / H.264, MP3, and AAC formats, USB plus so much more which you can see here.

Do you like the look of the Samsung F700?

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27 thoughts on “Samsung F700 is really official on Vodafone: Available in Europe November”

  1. JAZZY says:

    – another phone that hasn’t quite lived up to the promises of the press release – you feel the manufacturers are taking some of the finishing touches off the phones to keep their costs down.

    – Look at the iPhone – 2G technology and crappy camera.
    I was holding out for the Samsung but with a 15 month old camera on it, I will have to buy an LG Viewty with crappy web browser and non – syncing, Vista unfriendly pc software!

  2. The speed of this phone will be 3.6mbps. There would be no point whatsoever in it being 7.2 as the fastest network for data is Vodafone, and the only place 7.2 works in the entire uk is heathrow airport until their network infrastructure has been rebuilt which isn’t expected until at least next autumn. The 7.2 network will be available on Vodafone in all major uk airports by the begining of next summer.

  3. Howard says:

    the viewty has bad shutter lag, the back apparently falls off all the time. So what if the camera is only 3.2megapixels. thats fine with me, i have a digital camera anyway. phone cameras are only for the odd few pictures when you haven’t brought your camera with you. And i only know of two camera phones with optical zoom. digital zoom sucks i never use it.

    if you are going to get the viewty just based on that it has a 5megapixel camera i don’t see the point. Why don’t you get a decent camera and the F700. Digital cameras are so cheap now.
    even the camera in the new samsung with internal optical zoom is bad quality.

  4. Gavin says:

    The G800 camera is very very nice. I own one. Have used it loads and it’s probably the best camera/phone combination i’ve ever used. The menu’s on all Samsungs are a little antequated/primate and in my opinion that is all that lets them down.

    Samsung…if you’re reading this sort out the menu system/software and your phones will be undoubtedly the best on the market.!

  5. joe says:

    I like the phone but its not as good as I thought it would be, I like the design of the phone and the touch screen is really good. Texting is easy, you the option of T9 when using the screen and also have the keypad at the back which is great.
    The reception is average, not the best but not the worst either. The camera is rubbish I’ve tried all settings and I hate it, it has a slow shutter speed and you have a 50-50 chance of getting a blurry picture. This is a let down when you want to take spur of the moment pictures.
    Can’t comment on the internet yet but I’m hoping its good or if bad can be improved. The sound quality is great and it comes with a 1GB card which can be upgraded to a 8GB which is good for music.
    Overall I like this phone and will be keeping it, I do think the reception could be better and the camera needs loads of improving just like all Samsung phones.
    At the moment you get free bose headphones with this phone and also free bluetooth headset if you use a voucher code on the vodafone website

  6. ahref says:

    people keep commenting about this phones cammera when it doesnt even matter. this phone has so much more then just a touch screen, a keyboard and a damn camera. try putting an excel file onto it or something. well not the new version of office but meh new office sucks anyway.

  7. joe says:

    Having Problems getting it hooked up to my Imac G4, The Mac won’t recognize it when I hook it up and the software is for Windows only. I’m now thinking should of got the Iphone but hey the free bose headphones are still great!!

  8. beth says:

    on one of the previouse reports it says that a free bluetooth headset is available if you collect a code on the internet (vodaphone website) well i have been on and cant find it anywere so for all futre people who look on this web for reviews that is not true.
    Anyway when i came on this web i was looking for how easy or hard people found it to adjust to the touch screen technology as i am planning on buying the phone sometime this week. and if it is easy to work or if you keep catching the cancle button and having to start your txt or whatever all over again if you are planning on writing a review on the samsung f700 then please will you answer my quereies on this subject thanx
    beth xxxx

  9. howard says:


    FREE BLUETOOTH HEADSET is availible when you buy the F700 through the vodafone website you get to enter a promotional code.
    free bluetooth headset code: vodablue1
    this worked for me fine.
    Some people find the menu system long winded when wrting a text but i think it is fine instead on a normal phone you have to navigate downlists all the time or shortcut with numbers. You simply just touch the thing on the list you want. Have a go in the vodafone shop before.
    When you put the phone on for the first time it does show some tutorials but the one for the music player, it shows to quickly run your finger along the blue track line. this doesn’t work really, it works everytime for me at the top of the screen simply running your thumb to the left for backa track and to the right to go forwards. same for when going through photos.

    I think you should try it in the shop first but they may try to get you to go into the deal then. But i don’t know if they wil throw in the BOSE headphone s and bluetooth headset. try and haggle.

  10. ahref says:

    i wonder if i had done it this way would i have got the free £70 headphones and the free headset if so like just under half the price of this phone would be given away as free stuff why are they pushing this so much :S

  11. ahref says:

    sorry beth. didnt see your other question.

    touch screen will take a bit to get used to and you must make sure to lock it before puting it in a pocket or bag. As for texting just use the slide keyboard it landscapes the texting screen placing the close button far away from the send button 😀

  12. beth says:

    thanx for all the help. will be getting the phone tomorow night. and i cant wait i like new gadgets tryed the iphone today and think it is realy over rated not to mention overpriced!!! will let u no how it goes thanx again xxxxxxx

  13. Had the f700 since November,not a lover of samsung phones got to be honest,kids persuaded me to go for this one,cos of the touchscreen.But got to admit,its the real deal,my mate has an iphone,the wife has an LG Viewty,and we all agree that the f700 is a shade better overall.Well my mate thinks the iphone is a load of rubbish,absolute junk,as he would say

  14. DG says:

    I just bought the Palm Treo 500, could choose between this one and the Palm but this one seems to have a quite messy touchscreen, so I chose the Palm, next year I’ll get one with a touchscreen but for now I’m just waiting for those screens to improve a bit…

  15. Ohlalaf says:

    I have 2 quetions:
    1) There is a lot of java games. How to install gava game to Samsung SGH-700?

    2) Is Samsung F700 is operated under Windows Mobile?


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