LG Venus part of the new Verizon phone line up: also known as LG VX8800

The all new LG Venus or also better known as the LG VX8800 but I prefer the name Venus it is kind of cute and sexy which goes well against the looks of the mobile phone, look at the pictures it is astonishing. You can argue the point with me as much as you like but I really do personally like this one make no mistake.

LG Venus pic 1

This mobile phone which is part of the Verizon line up has a superb hardware design and interface, the slider phone has a hidden keypad when closed and the best screen option which many will love or many will hate, the unique screen consists of which is on the front, one screen that has all the info you see and the other screen below it which is touch sensitive, you can clearly see the regular screen and the touch screen underneath.

LG Venus pic 2

The pretty cool thing about this phone over at InfoSync they have seen a demo and say that it looks like there is no need for the numeric keypad because it has this touchscreen on the front. LG Venus will be available in November

The LG VX8800 Venus has a 2 megapixel camera, A2DP and miniSD expansion. We have provided 2 links below for more info and photos.

LG Venus pic 3

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8 thoughts on “LG Venus part of the new Verizon phone line up: also known as LG VX8800”

  1. Good for people who might want to use a keypad for certain functions but are happy to use a touch screen for others – always good to have the option.

    It’s also good to see the phone can be used with only the touch screen. LG have been working hard on this and it’s obviously good to hear that people are happy to use the touch screen over a standard keypad. This has come to fruition with the Viewty for the UK Market with a full touch screen.

  2. Fianlly released in the UK as the KF600 not the VX8800 – must admit the touchscreen does look very cool especially as you can slide your finger aswell as touch to select.
    There is a planned pink version one on the way aswell.

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