LG VX10000 verizon Voyager phone: will it make a difference?

The all new mobile phone exclusive to Verizon is the beautiful looking LG VX10000 verizon Voyager phone, the Voyager which is pictured above and even bigger below looks amazing and to tell you the truth better looking than the Apple iPhone in my opinion.

LG VX10000 verizon Voyager pic 1

The LG VX10000 Voyager has a full touchscreen on the outside plus a secondary screen on the interior of the handset; it has a QWERTY keyboard and V-CAST Mobile TV, how about a 2 megapixel camera and a microSD card slot for that little more storage.

LG VX10000 verizon Voyager pic 2

LG VX10000 verizon Voyager pic 3

There is no word on availability or pricing as of yet, but trust me I will keep you posts. This mobile phone seems like it could be a great contender for the market. Oh keep posted we will be doing reviews on the Verison LG Venus and the Verizon Samsung Juke (do not miss the next installments).

Will the LG VX10000 verizon Voyager phone make a difference in the phone industry?

Please visit Gizmodo as they have a great picture gallery of the LG Voyager – Gallery

When the reviews are done the text below will be linked —

Verizon LG Venus
Verizon Samsung Juke


35 thoughts on “LG VX10000 verizon Voyager phone: will it make a difference?”

  1. chri s mors e says:

    so ya I have problems with computer phones that won’t do what they say they can do. For example they say they have Wi-Fi but they don’t. Though my serivice is T-moible.

  2. kayla says:

    I want this phone so bad,
    and I have forever…
    But, i’m with Rogers. So how will that work out for me ?
    will it ever end up at rogers,
    or can i order it and use it with my plan still?

    Give me the details!

  3. Dilleon says:

    The phone is great, I have it!!… The first day I got it I run the battery out, amazing phone. It is worth your money trust me on this one. I love it cost me about $427.99. The reason why it’s that high is because I both it with a belt clip, unlimited txt, pic and video massaging the part of the phone is awesome by it’s self believe me. The phone taught me how to type on a keyboard. That’s wow good the phone the is.

  4. i have this phone!!! ha ha i got it for &150 because my dad had a dicoung i have the phone!! haha!!! and now im getting the i-phon! i get whaatever i want!! 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

  5. someone says:

    who evr nicole is..she is a frkn bratt. i swear…she is like. i think im all tht but im not so.dont pay attention 2 her. so haha nicole..i could get this phone free if i want 2 :p

  6. david says:

    omg i love this thers rummors that its comming to us cellular does any one know if u do dont reply to this reply to my e-mail and it the subject put “voyager”

  7. monique says:

    i had this phone for a year. and its the best phone ever.. like the texting is great.. the keyboardd is so good and i love it!!!! but yesterday i gota new phone.. the intesity i hate it.. dont get it!! its so slow and i hate it.. they dont even make teh voyager anymore.. and all the phones now require u to pay for internet every month. but the rival and the intinsity are the only ones u dont have to pay internet. and they both r horribvle phones!! ugh im so mad that i dont have the voyager. i reccomend that if u haev teh voyager and u like it, dont get a new phone cuz they dont maek voyagers anymore. and yeah

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